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The Practice of Presence TV Series!

In Videos on February 14, 2009 at 5:18 pm

After 5 years of running a Wednesday night flower essence study group here in Melbourne, I’ve decided to produce a short “TV series” called “The Practice of Presence” to coincide with this years Australian Tour of the same name.
Each episode will cover a variety of subjects relating to flower essence therapy, “self help” and… to put it bluntly… “working with your issues”. However, rather than focus squarely on flower essence remedies, the series takes a step back and looks at the wider landscape of consciousness.
Rather than using remedies ( or other techniques ) to “chip away” at your “issues” in an effort to “dig out the real you”, we will begin at self – at center – and work our way outwards. We will be looking at the various aspects of mind and how these elements interact, relate and from there we are then better prepared to apply remedy to our situation.

The 1st episode, “The Landscape of Consciousness” ( which is in 2 parts ) is hosted on YouTube. ( click the video bar on the blog main page to see the episode )


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