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In Study Group on February 17, 2009 at 11:43 pm

After pondering the material for tonights class, I had to realize something about commitment. One line from the soon-to-be-manual said it all…
“Inconsistent – Committing to things only when they pay a benefit to do so. Quitting them as soon as things no longer provide a tangible ( or percieved ) pay off.”

How often are we like this? Only tending to something or someone when there is a definite pay off for us? The flower helps us to see how we “stop ourselves at the creative starting line” by only doing things when there is an instant pay off… or more subtly, how we stop something we have set in motion and hinder our progress when things get tough, problems arise or we feel negative. Imagine if you did that? Imagine that you stopped what you were doing as soon as things got a little hard – how would you get anything done, achieve anything great or improve yourself and your lifestyle?


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