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Homework – What Are You Doing?

In Homework on February 19, 2009 at 8:22 am

After contemplating and “noticing” our general experience, now the study group is moving adding to this awareness. Now, the practice is to notice what you are doing…
Just as “noticing” your current experience trains the mind to be aware of “the reality of what is”, the practice also trains us out of making up stories, judging, criticizing and wandering off on mental tangents about our experience. In short, your experience is your experience.
Adding to this, now we are noticing what we are doing which trains us to pay attention to what we are doing. If you ask yourself the question “what am i actually doing right now?” you will realize that this question is very different from “what do I want to do?” – a question we habitually ask.
This second question answers nothing of our experience, or what we can do… it may be quite divorced from these things and bare little resemblance to the actual moment and what we are acting out.
Q. Ask yourself, what am I doing? for the week.


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