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Homework – What are you REALLY doing?

In Homework on February 19, 2009 at 9:06 pm

The practice of presence, in it’s initial stages is to take notice of your surroundings and align your awareness with your reality. This helps one to awaken ( and remain awake ) and be aware of life’s goings-on and therefore be able to respond accurately, responsibly and swiftly to events as they arise.
Now, taking the practice into the realms of action ( a thing we are pressed to do in life – namely take part and participate ) we are now noticing what we are doing… and whether these actions are in alignment with what we seek to achieve.
By looking at what you are doing and awakening to your actions, we are now extending our practice so that our consciousness is focused upon and aware of our actions. Thereby, aligning our actions with our highest awareness…


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