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Incubation of the Soul

In Essence Trials on February 24, 2009 at 9:20 pm

It’s one of those strange things about the essence making process. To this day – after making essences for just over 11 years now – I still have no ‘set formula’ or process that I follow when making a new essence remedy. One thing is for sure, it’s not a decision that prompts the making of a remedy.

So how does anything get done?

In the case of the meter tall beauty, Puya mirabilis, the process began about 2 years ago. ( Right at the point I said “No more essence making!” ) You would think that 2 years is a long time to make an essence, but like a good wine, it takes that long usually… or longer to produce.

Now before you think that I’m slaving away over study notes and laborius trials-in-error ( that was no mistake, I meant “in” not “and” ) the process is ‘back to front’ to the modern mentality of how we come to ‘know’ things.
This species of Puya came to me about 2 years ago, appearing on the horizon of my awareness as a flower that I was going to indeed work with. And that was that, it appeared and nothing else. Now – right now in fact, with all of it’s sleepless-night urgency – the flower wishes to be born on paper, in bottles and in every other form that it will take.

The process is often like that – a long drawn out incubation, where my mind is moulded into form… while my larger-self reveals all. The information phase, the ‘knowing’ comes at the end… right at the end of when the essence is ready to be released, sowing together all the tangents of truth that you have lived along the way. Then it is known. Like a meeting with a part of yourself that has always known, the pages spill ( literally ) and everything comes to a crescendo we commonly call ‘finished’.

  1. Ur quite brilliant Brendan

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