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In Terminology on February 26, 2009 at 9:18 pm

‘Downtime’ is a term used in the Skyflowers world to describe the period that sometimes occurs after an emotional shift or transition has taken place. It refers to the ‘flattened’ feelings that arise after one has begun releasing the old patterns of consciousness, emotions or trauma.
Downtime is spent ‘waiting’ for your energy to return and often feels like a long-drawn out period where the original imbalance is overshadowing you. Feeling lost, despondent or unable to ‘get over it’ are common feelings associated with downtime.
In this period, it is as if the old way was better and the new way of life beyond your old pattern does not exist, so feeling stuck is a common trait. The condition is a kind of emotional ‘no man’s land’ in between old and new behaviours, a canyon where your consciousness is not your own and your shadow / subconscious reins. In this light, downtime is often mistaken for a new issue to work with.
Work is being done on a new set of 6 ‘band aid’ essences ( with Puya mirabilis as one ) to counteract the rift that occurs when you suddenly shift… but it takes awhile for your subconscious memory to catch up. This lag time is what I call ‘downtime’.

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