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More Notes of Puya Mirablis

In Essence Trials on February 26, 2009 at 9:30 pm

Puya mirabilis, as pictured left, like all plants shows the type of condition it is good for. In terms of “the doctrine of signatures’ – the reading of nature’s form – we often look at the branches, roots or leaves for clues as to the curative properties.
However, if we look beyond the obvious and look at some of the less glamourous aspects of growth cycles, we can see some interesting clues.
In this case, the way a plant displays it’s older, worn out leaves provides some great clues as to the progression of the mental and emotional condition.
If you look at the basal leaves of Puya mirabilis, you will see signatures of feeling brittle, jagged, frayed and falling apart. Likewise with the flower of Alignment, Canistrum triangularis, it is the older leaves and the ‘sheathes’ that these form which provide the most telling of clues. In that case, the ‘chakra’ flowers appear to connect to the layers of the human aura – which is in fact what that plant deals with, shock and trauma to the energy body.
In the case of Puya mirabilis, when we put the new growth ( on top, conscious ) with the old growth ( on bottom, subconscious ), we see a condition that points to a conflict between the conscious and subconscious mind. In this case that is exactly the condition that Puya mirabilis deals with – rapid growth in consciousness that causes instability, panic feelings or feelings that you are losing control ( over yourself, that mirrors as losing control over your life. )
The reason for these feelings of chaos is due to the difference, the ‘rift’ between the subconscious and conscious mind. In other words, the old material and ‘map of reality’ no longer works or is valid… and a new one has not been drawn up yet. The flower eases transitions and reduces ‘downtime’, helping you to remain grounded, in tact and whole as you do so. Great clues indeed!


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