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As the Petal of Action Unfolds…

In Study Group on March 2, 2009 at 5:12 am

This term in study group we are looking at ‘being conscious of our actions’ and acting in ways that will bring the results we seek.
The first flower we looked at was, The Pinecone Bromeliad. The key word for this flower was ‘efficiency’ and in that class we looked at ‘how we use our energy’… generally, trying to force things to happen! As we examined the flower, we became aware of the reality that we expend far more energy than we are rewarded for. As we spend energy trying to force things into being, the constant input of energy can create the illusion of growth.
The flower of Encouragement helps us to nurture our ideas when they are still in infancy and therefore are prone to neglect or vulnerable to destructive thinking. So how are you encouraging your ideas?
The third flower we looked at then was the flower of Commitment. Interestingly, the flower raises the issue of ‘what we allocate our times and energy to’. Often we fail to commit to beneficial, creative and life enhancing projects simply because our energy is tied up and commited to life diminishing activities… such as using vast amounts of your energy trying to get things that aren’t working for you to work.
Last week we added more insight to the story of ‘how we fail’ in life by looking to the ladder-like flower of Satisfaction. This upward climbing, brittle stemmed bromeliad teaches the lesson of ‘savouring your experiences’ and using this good feeling in your creative pursuits. On the reverse angle, the flower warns of living in the shortfall of the dreams and plans you have not yet achieved – the shadow of failure that we can so easily live under. For often when we set out to achieve a goal, often we put off our happiness and satisfaction until our goal – our self defined end – is achieved. This act then causes us to live on a treadmill of ill feelings and dissatisfaction until we reach our aim.

Growth, in the plant world, is defined by sustainability not ‘how many leaves you have’. In other words, plants grow when there is a supply of food and water ( encouragement ) to supply it’s needs. But do human beings worry about sustainability first as the basis of their growth?
Most of the time we seek something better or changes to happen. We seek growth not viablility. We network, we do, we act, we create, we think… all actions, all movements. But movement is counter to how a plant grows, for it seeks stability and foundation in it’s place… and once this is ensured, branches, flowers and fruit are effortlessly implied. At the time of germination, a root seeks it’s home in the ground at the same time as the leaf finds it’s place in the sun.
Growth, to a plant, comes via careful placement as well as innate nature. One way, we fail to grow ( sustainably ) as human beings is that we don’t to allow our plans ‘take root’, establish themselves and take us forward in life… We keep adding energy – mental energy, usually tainted with worry, fear or inadequacy ( the feeling that you haven’t done enough ) – at a time we should be allowing the energy that has already been mobilized within us ( enthusiasm ) to guide our actions.
In this weeks study group we will take our story further by looking at the flower of Ability, inspecting our ‘can do’ attitudes – the creative mindset that we use to create our lives with. And then we will look at the ‘can’t do’ attitudes that lessen our chances of success…


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