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The Paradigm of Whole Health

In Flower Essence Therapy on March 6, 2009 at 4:58 am

After a conversation last night I thought I’d write a brief note about “The Skyflower approach to health and wellbeing”.

When I’m writing about the Skyflowers, it never really enters my mind to speak in terms of specific body systems. In class we don’t talk about the chakra system, the meridians, auras or any of the other topics that health practitioners commonly deal with.

So what do we talk about? We talk about consciousness – and when I say consciousness, I mean ‘totality” not “thought”. We talk in whole terms. We talk about the basics of consciousness and approach our lives from the inside, as though we were seated on a central throne – the seat of awareness.

The danger of speaking about ‘parts’ such as the chakra’s or meridians is that once we divide ourselves into parts it’s very difficult to see things in terms of the whole from that point forward. So split from then on, we then often use our time and energy ‘rebuilding’ ourselves, trying to mend the break, fix the problem and end the divide that our own perspective causes. In other words, we alienate ourselves from our true, whole selves and then ‘look’ to find it again.

The Skyflowers don’t talk in terms of parts simply because when we divide ourselves into parts, our consciousness is divided. By leaving ‘the mind’ in tact and working with ourselves from a position of wholeness, our system responds wholly. Any shift in consciousness then cascades through a seamless, whole system, bringing change to all sub-systems simultaneously.

We can so easily get into the habit of dividing ourselves and then trying to ‘fix’ the subtle feelings generated by the mental division.  And so we try to fix things from the point of view of the chakra’s, meridians, organs, brain, emotions, thoughts, etc. Building our way out of a hole we habitually dig ourselves into. And if this approach doesn’t work, we try another technique based upon a divided perspective of ourselves. In short, we never really put ourselves – or our clients – directly in the centre, but ‘work toward’ that centre, chipping away at fragments of consciousness left behind by our divided mind in the hope of ( one day ) reaching our ‘core’.

Wholeness is key. By working in terms of conscious wholeness and focussing on lifestyle – and not mere issue – one achieves far greater strides toward realizing the greatest of truths about ourselves – that underneath it all, we are well…


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