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Notes on Genus Billbergia

In Billbergia, Botanical Archetypes, Flower Essence Therapy, Study Group on March 7, 2009 at 12:02 am

logo_billbergiaFor the last 2 weeks in study group we have look at the flowers of Satisfaction and Ability. Both of these flowers belong to a genus named Billbergia.

While in study group, one of the participants went through a regression, a peeling of ‘lost layers of consciousness’ and as we progressed she revealed some brand new insights ( even to herself ) on her particular issue.

This is common when working with the Billbergia’s. Known as ‘the affirmation flowers’ the Billbergia’s show you ( exactly ) where you are placed or ‘rooted’ on a subject. Often when we feel disturbed, we try to compensate for the disturbance. In this way, layers of our ‘trying to make things better’ can mask, obscure and hide the original consciousness – the original incident that is still playing out inside us.

The Permanent Wave Plant ( Petal 7 ) offers the best insight on the drama. This flower helps with ‘disagreement’ and ‘objection’ – that time where we pit our will against our actual experience and reality, seeking to turn our lives in another direction. ( Re-read the last statement and see how foolish it sounds! )  In that moment of argument, we ‘lever’ ourselves out of the chance to change the situation, of which can only be done by remaining conscious ( Self Awareness + Responsibility – Petal 1 ) and facing our reality for what it is ( Acceptance – Petal 1 )

By disagreeing with our reality, we cause a disruption within ourselves that registers as disturbance – which we then usually project onto the subject in question than own as originating from ourselves.

Queens Tears ( Petal 3 ) offers more insight, detailing that as soon as we sidestep our conscious reality ( and feelings ), the distortion causes several problems. The first being we lose sight of true and vital information that we could use to respond to the situation. However, a tertiary problem comes when we deny our feelings. By denying our feelings, we split our consciousness – or rather our throughts from our feelings – and the feelings that go missing create other ‘lost’ feelings as they are denied. So, subtle feelings of loss, grievance and grey, ill feelings manifest when our actual true feelings go missing – such as anger, jealousy, resentment, etc. From that point onward of ‘disagreeing’ with our external experience, these real feelings are then coated in other feelings. And this is how we hide them, layer upon layer.

The Billbergia’s help us to ‘return to the original consciousness’ and people often report while using them that they have ‘gone back to square one’ in terms of their progress away from their ( denied ) difficulty.

For more information on Genus Billbergia and the Botanical Archetypes click the Research Tab at the top of the page and read the article.


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