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The Transcendant Nature of Consciousness

In Billbergia, Flower Essence Therapy, Homework, Study Group, Testimonials on March 7, 2009 at 11:24 pm

flower_change3Yesterday I wrote a small article on Genus Billbergia and the regression-in-consciousness that a class member underwent during Wednesday nights study group.

Rather than being an emotional event, it was a conscious one whereby the woman was ‘clear’ rather than upset during the transition. She noticed the ‘scenes’ shifting as though the layers of consciousness that made up her issue were photographic slides – a slideshow of old thoughts, resistance and experiences.

As consciousness is the basis of all mental-activity, a platform or ‘container’ that our thoughts, feelings and emotions exist within, it is very easy to remain conscious and clear during the release of limiting patterns. That is what the 13 flowers from genus Billbergia are good for, but having said that, these graceful flowers point out our human ability to be ‘clear and change’.

One interesting thing was this particular womans experience of anger – a natural emotion given that this issue and it’s contributors ‘oppressed’ her. rather than feeling explosive, she could ‘see’ her anger in her minds eye as the shadows of her past consciousness drifted by her. And the anger was present throughout the whole ‘slideshow’ as she made her way to making contact with the original consciousness at the heart of the drama.

This is a case example of conscious shifts and ‘issue clearing’ without delving into or being upset during the process. Other than laughing about her story and spending a few days attending to residue, she remained composed and calm about her history – adjusting her own posture to the drama and thus finding release-through-responsibility.

For more information on Genus Billbergia and the Botanical Archetypes click the Research Tab at the top of the page and read the article.

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