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Vestiges of the Past ( March 2009 )

In Essence of the Times, Flower Remedies on March 7, 2009 at 2:53 am

In January, you may have noticed a ‘pulling forward’ – a pulling that was both strong and joyful. As “the Undertow” continued, at around mid February the pull could be tangibly witnessed. It was a great time for mutual agreements, new partnerships and joint ventures to take off.

At present, the undertow is being experienced in another way. In stepping forward, we are now challenged to ‘take our weight off from our back foot and stepp firmly onto our front.’ So at present people are being challenged by their ‘stuff’ and are re-experiencing those denied issues and other trinkets that made their way into ‘the too hard basket’ of life.

So what does this mean? It’s time to sever with the past and live the moment. As we move forward ( and we are moving forward, collectively ) in life we move into the new. But, as we do so, we experience ‘what holds us back’… or more accurately, ‘what we are holding onto that holds us back!’

By mid March, much of the collective ‘hard slog’ will have moved on, but this does not mean we’re out of the frying pan yet! By March’s end we will be fully clear about our situation… and our own role in holding ourselves back.

Essence of the Times – Suggested Skyflowers for the Month of March

Change, Billbergia ‘Robert Saunders’ ( Stuck, Stubborn )

Cohesion, Neoregelia hoeneana ( Dissolved, Diluted Sense of Self )

Calm, Vriesea heterandra ( Anxious, Worried )

Detachment, Neoregelia tristis ( Emotional Loading, Attachment )

Involvement, Tillandsia queroensis ( Self Absorbed, Preoccupied )


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