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Adjusting the Active Posture

In Billbergia, Botanical Archetypes, Cryptanthus, Study Group on March 8, 2009 at 10:14 pm

logo_cryptanthusThis term, the Wednesday night study group has been contemplating ‘action’ and becoming mindful of the ways in which they are acting. Now, as we enter the half way mark in the term, we adjust our active posture somewhat further.

The last 2 flowerswere inspected were from the genus Billbergia. Archetypically, the Billbergia’s are ‘the affirmation flowers’ in the Skyflowers range – flowers that aid in revaling limited thinking based upon a negative affirmation. The two affirmations we uprooted were “I am a failure” and “I can’t”.

Now, we turn in a new direction and begin to ask ourselves a deeper question as to why we hold these values toward ourselves and limit our actions to their life-stealing jurisdiction. The flower we will be using to do so is The Ruby Star from genus Crytpanthus. The word Cryptanthus is derived from the Greek ‘crypt’ meaning ‘hidden’ and ‘anthos’ meaning ‘flower’. The “hidden flowers’ reveal the hidden issues buried in the subconscious mind, highlighting the exacting reason for negative, ‘sabotage’ behaviour. In this case the root emotions behind our drama are regret ( that things do not go another way ) and remorse ( that things went the way they did ).

These two, when actively projected onto the world of form through our actions cause great disruption and disturbing effect to our valued plans. Now we begin to see that the reason for our failures and innability to express who we are does not lie in the outer, material world… our failure to perform lies with the root consciousness within ourselves.

For more information on Genus Cryptanthus and the Botanical Archetypes click the Research Tab at the top of the page and read the article.


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