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The Immovable Self

In Billbergia, Flower Essence Therapy, Study Group on March 9, 2009 at 9:51 pm

030520080081Following on from “The Transcendent Nature of Consciousness” post…

Yesterday I was speaking to the woman who underwent a ‘conscious shift’ during Wednesday nights study group. She marveled at how clear, conscious and emotionally composed she was when reviewing the scenes and situations that shaped her current mindset.

And so the question naturally arose, ‘Why am I not upset by something that caused me to feel upset before? How does that happen, how does that work’?

The answer is quite simple.

Q. Does the self move? ( Does the self move from one place to another? )

Our common belief about ‘healing’ is that it involves a ‘transition’ – a change of position from ‘bad’ to ‘better’. As though we ‘get up and relocate’ to another place that causes us to feel better. When doing any kind of healing or self development work, we are usually so identified with our issues and the fact we are ‘stuck-in-our-drama’ that as soon as our experience changes, we believe that we have ‘moved-on’, leaving ‘it’ behind.

This perception of a ‘moving self’ is incorrect. The self does not move. The self is always central to our conscious experiences. Trying moving your self, your eternal witness? The self is seated, fixed in place. Central.

The idea of a healing ‘transition’ is really the removal of disturbing content from our presence. The reality is that during personal change and healing transition, the self is still located centrally and aware… but we are no longer in the presence of disturbing emotion and thoughts.

Conversely, this model of a ‘centrally located self’ highlights how we come to experience being ‘stuck’ in our problems. If you examine EVERY issue you have, you will see that they will all have this same component as part of their recipe. I.e. You feel stuck with the problem, are limited by it and cannot move beyond it. ( See Genus Billbergia, The Affirmation flowers )

The ‘stuck phenomena’ belongs to the fact that the self is central to all experiences. Seated and still and immovable. And so, any drama or ‘commotion of emotion’ that takes place within oneself then swirls around that presence, annoying and agitating. Continuing to do so until we become aware of the disturbance and act to put it to rest.

So, what we commonly experience as a ‘transition’, a ‘healing shift’ is not so much  our movement away from the problem… but the problem moving away from our selves.


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