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Aiming for Comfortable Transitions

In Flower Essence Therapy on March 10, 2009 at 4:39 am

In flower essence therapy, there seems to be a trend among many practitioners that the remedies should bring a perceivable emotional release whilst using them. It seems that many people use the presence of emotion as a marker to tell them that ‘positive change’ is occurring – and that the bigger the release while taking the remedy, the better the ‘healing’ must be.

I believe that the aim of any therapy – not just flower essence therapy – is to produce a smooth and comfortable, almost invisible change in consciousness – a change that does not upset ones current lifestyle.

Many of us, however, are so oppressed by our condition and impatient with our situation that we merely ‘aim-for-change’. And push as hard as we can to find it. The problem with this tactic is that it is you that you are pushing!

Change does not imply comfort and so one risks catharsis, healing crisis and ‘downtime’ ( See article ) – all in the name of personal change and betterment of wellbeing. What is the point of upsetting yourself while you seek to calm your mind and end the upset in your life? I find that many people spend their time ‘pushing themselves to heal’ and end up causing excessive internal commotion and disturbanceĀ  in their present lives. That, to me, just doesn’t add up and is not what flower essence therapy is designed for…

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