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The Road of Regret

In Cryptanthus, Homework, Study Group on March 11, 2009 at 1:05 am

Have you ever felt that life was better before? Do you believe that there was a point in time where you ‘missed your turn off’? It seems to be a human thing to experience – of missing out on a golden opportunity and then regretting it.

Regret, like resentment, shame and guilt, is a subtle emotion. Despite it’s subtlety, regret ( that things didn’t turn out another way ) and remorse ( that things turned out the way they did ) have a great influence over many peoples lives. Such emotions ‘mold’ our behaviours and shape our lives without us knowing it – providing a hidden guideline that affects our available choices.

Like other emotions of this nature, regret and remorse for what has been done sensor our available options. Doing so long before we are aware of them. In this way, we can end up living out our regret… and leading a life that matches the feelings from our past, feelings now buried in our current state-of-mind.


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