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In Botanical Archetypes, Neoregelia, Terminology on March 18, 2009 at 2:31 am

flower_proportion1‘Reframing’ is a term used in reference to the flowers belonging to genus Neoregelia. As these flowers are about our basic perceptions and misconceptions about life, I thought I needed a more dynamic term to explain ‘perceptions, perspectives, proportions and beliefs’ in the one word.

Reframing – in the context of the Skyflowers – relates to when we ‘reframe’ what we see, take a step back and become aware of the way we are percieving our situation, current drama or issue. We ‘reframe’ by taking a fresh look at an old view that we have. The image remains the same but it is we who shift – moving from the old perception and ‘reframing’ it with a new, updated one.

The eye-like Neoregelia’s help with ‘reframing’ ourselves and our lives, helping us to update our views, opinions, perspectives, prejudices, bias, attitudes and beliefs and to take look at life ‘with a new set of eyes’. In this way, by actively reframing ( again and again ) our lives with our current consciousness, we also update our behaviour. In this way our actions are then in alignment with our current, highest awareness and not bound to the old ways of thinking, feeling and being…

For more information on Genus Neoregelia and the Botanical Archetypes click the Research Tab at the top of the page and read the article.

Afterthought… Genus Neoregelia deal with issues of delusion… the ways we look at ourselves and our world and the illusions we hold. If you look at the picture above, can you see the eye looking back at you?


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