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Taking the Initiative for 7 Days…

In Homework, Study Group on March 18, 2009 at 10:23 pm

Okay, your homework for this week is to take 7 positive steps towards the life you wish to be living. What you have to do is simply do 1 proactive thing per day that represents a move toward leading and living a better life.

What you do is completely up to you, but whatever you do, it should represent your highest ideal, deepest commitment or stretch you in a new way.

Step 1 – Choose a goal that is worthy of you. I.e. No “majoring in the minor leagues”.

Step 2 – Do something tangible toward achieving ( and living ) that goal. Complete this task today. I.e. Write to a newspaper about a project that you are running, etc.

Step 3 – Write down what you did. And write down your observations, your thoughts and feelings about doing that thing.

Step 4 – Do this everyday for 7 days. ( Bring your homework to class, we’ll be discussing your list.)

  1. Well done Amanda! Sounds like you have your wings and everything is supporting your actions! Enjoy!

  2. Namaste All,
    How are you all? Well just touching base on the Home Work! Is anyone else doing it? I decided to actively do it and keep a diary of it for the 7 days. Currently we’re on day 3! Here’s where i am up too:

    Day 1. I got off my butt and contacted Living Now and now have an article being published in next months magazine. This is confirmed. -Also contacted a yoga studio to hold an exhibition……

    Day 2. Took a deep breath and walked into a retail shop and asked if they would like to buy our prints and retail them – The out come YES! Now I need to follow up. Had lunch with my boss from Endota day spa – who also works in head office. Arranged and confirmed a charity dinner with profits going to my non profit organization… yippeeeeee and arranged for myself to launch a volunteer program at their next major annual conference which is in Melbourne, May 4th and 5th of this year.

    Day 3. Had reply from a yoga studio (*day one) and am having an exhibit on the 4th of April – TWO Weeks away!!!!!!!! Emailed a teacher from the US and invited him to teach a level two module in Nepal next year.

    Day 4. ? lets see.
    I am loving this home work!

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