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Taking the Initiative

In Study Group on March 18, 2009 at 10:04 pm

Last night in study group we discussed the flower of Opportunity and the key words associated with it – taking the initiative and being proactive.

We can so easily fall into a rut in life – of waiting for life to deal us a winning set of cards that we then will use to our advantage. Without knowing it we can fall into the trap of ‘sitting on the sidelines’ waiting to be called into play. This ‘defensive’ – and somewhat, lazy – attitude toward life lacks a little something, for who wants to wait to be called, who wants to wait around when there are goals to achieve and a life to be lived?

Do you really want to wait for your dream life to happen? Will waiting for things to happen produce the result you want, right now? Do you want ‘luck’ to be your main avenue for success? Do you want to leave things to chance?

Being proactive and taking the initiative means that you create the circumstances you need to move in the direction you desire. As luck is haphazard and unreliable in nature, taking the initiative yourself and acting toward your goals is a more secure – and logical – means to an end.

After all, do you want to rely on chance to bring you the life you dream of? Or do you want to create your own chances? Coupled with blind luck, synchronicity, chance meetings and good fortune along the way, who can ever fail? The only thing that will stop your progress is to sit still at a time when taking action would be more beneficial…


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