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How to Apply the Botanical Archetypes

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Finding the nature of the issue is easy with the Botanical Archetypes. Here’s what you do…

Step .1. Choose a flower essence remedy.

E.g. Let’s use the flower of Surrender, Aechmea triangularis as our example.

Step .2. Refer to the flower essence catalogue to locate the appropriate flower description.

Step .3. Read the positive and negative descriptions from the emotional list to gain insight into the issue to be corrected.

SURRENDER – Fear, Control Issues. Aechmea triangularis

+ Yielding to natural forces. Knowing when to give in. Allowing what is old to fall away so the new may arise.

– Fearful. Unable to let go of your control. Trying to force outcomes. Believing that giving in is a sign of failure.

Step .4. Still referring to the flower essence catalogue, locate the botanical ‘two-part’ name of the flower. ( This can be found at the top right of each flower entry. )

E.g. The flower of Surrender is botanically known as Aechmea triangularis.

ScreenShot00137Step .5. New! Consult the Botanical Archetypes PictureBook or the laminated A4 Desk Chart.

Step .6. Find the Genus ( this is the 1st word of the ‘two-part’ name ) which the flower belongs to. This information relates to the “Nature of the Issue” or “The Root Behavioural Cause which gives rise to the Emotional Condition”.

E.g. The flower of Surrender belongs to Genus Aechmea. Genus Aechmea is the Botanical Archetype that you are working with.

AECHMEA ( eek-me-ah ) Nature of Issue SUPPRESSION ( Fearful Inhibition ) Promotes ACTION ( Freedom Expression )

23 “Spear flowers” are used in the Skyflowers range.

Key Words: – Fear. Suppression of Primal Force. Inhibited. + Impulse. Instinctual Movement. Embodied Act.

Action – The embodiment of primal forces ( instinctive impulse ) which gives rise to corresponding actions.

Impulse – The innate movement of consciousness toward more life. The initiation of health-giving actions.

Suppression ( Inhibition ) – Fear of acting on base impulse. Seeking to redirect, halt or deny mobile energy.

Step .7. Cross-reference the information from the chart with the positive and negative descriptions from the flower essence catalogue. This forms a picture of both the emotional condition and what it’s root cause is.

E.g. Sample using the flower of Surrender:

.1. Suppression of natural impulses for fear of where these impulses might lead.

.2. Trying to control outcomes so as to avoid certain events, feeling states, etc.

.3. Trying to stop what you fear from happening in your life. Afraid to let go of conscious control lest it might.

.4. Surrender to natural forces as a way of moving beyond this fear. Allow the cycles of nature to bring balance and restore harmony once again.

( *These above examples are presented to show the amount of information that can be gathered in quick time from the “Finding the Nature* of the Issue**” A4 chart. More detailed evaluations have been written into the forthcoming Skyflowers practitioner manuals. )

Step .8. Apply the remedy in the light of awareness. ( Generating awareness before taking drops is key to the proper use of flower essence therapy. Awareness is healing! )

Step .9. Test for further corrections at this ‘energetic coordinate’. Balance these as necessary.

Step .10. Apply complementary flower essences or other modalities for additional support and to adjust the ’emotional posture’ if need be.

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