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Choosing Remedies for Deep Disturbances

In Botanical Archetypes, Cryptanthus, Flower Essence Therapy on March 22, 2009 at 8:43 am

Yesterday I had a conversation with a woman who was deeply disturbed by a family pattern – a pattern that ‘haunted’ not only herself but seemed to cover the family lineage in a black cloud. She detailed several incidents that made a kind of framework, a pattern of trauma that had been handed down through the generations. As it now involved family members dear to her, she wanted to know what flowers would help her clear the pattern.

So what flowers would be good? Where do you start given that there are about 90 flower essences in the Skyflowers catalogue? So how do we break down this mysterious problem?

Step .1. The Botanical Archetypes. When working with the Skyflowers, applying the right remedy is easy. Why? Although there are about 90 flowers in the range, these 90 species come from only 10 different flower groups. It has been found that each of these 10 floral genera operate characteristically and have defnite, distinguishable archetypal patterns as to how they work.

Step .2. Listen to what the client is saying. Although they will not have the answer to their condition, the client will always give you hints as to the nature of their problem. Their speech will follow a sequence,  a step-by-step story of what the problem is… and how to go about unravelling it. Match this story to the flowers!

E.g. Hmmm… a family pattern created long ago, affecting the current generation. Among the 10 flower groups, there is one particular group of flowers that caters to this situation – Genus Cryptanthus. Known as ‘the Earth Stars’, genus Cryptanthus deal with issues of an unknown origin – long forgotten patterns that defy awareness. There are 5 Cryptanthus that you can choose from to ‘reveal hidden patterns’ that ‘sabotage your life. When faced with an unknown or unsure where to start, choose a Cryptanthus! They are a great ‘diagnostic’ flower group to work with.

Step .3. Choosing the right remedies. As this woman was ‘asking deeper questions of herself’, the Cryptanthus match her current need and ‘posture’ – that of seeking information. Without information, there can be no start, change of situation or release of pattern. So, as she is in ‘stage 1’ of her condition, I would apply a Cryptanthus ( two in this case ) and some supports for the ‘hidden material’ that will surface.

In this particular case, as the issue included death, I would suggest taking these flowers for a period of about 10 days…

The flower of Transformation, Cryptanthus causlescens as it deals with projections of finality ( and the idea that death is a definite ‘end’ )

The Ruby Star, Cryptanthus ‘Ruby’ which helps with regrets, remorse and events in the past which caused you to take a lesser road in life – a disturbing turn-of-events that still has an infuence on you.

As the Cryptanthus ‘peel away the layers of the onion’, are introspective in nature and quite ‘intenrnalized’, I would add several other flowers to support this ‘deep line of questioning’ and ease the material back into consciousness. The 3 ‘fail safe’ flowers in the range are Queens Tears, Billbergia nutans, the flower of Calm, Vriesea heterandra and the flower of Surrender, Aechmea triangularis all loan quite well to providing emotional support.

So, here is a quick example of the Botanical Archetypes and how effective they can be in helping to choose what flower essence remedy to apply.

An article called “Introducing Botanical Archetypes” can be found by clicking here.

For a step-by-step guide on how to apply the Botanical Archtypes click here.

  1. Love your explanations here Brendan! Great guide!

  2. Cld you send some over?? =>

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