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The Cogs of Reality

In Study Group on March 25, 2009 at 1:03 pm

Often, as spiritual seekers-of-the-truth, the ‘truth’ that we look for is some kind of ‘ultimate answer to life’s questions’. And so we strive for greater awareness, spend our time developing insight in an attempt to clarify the dark mud of our clouded mind.

However, the truth we should be seeking is more an ongoing-truth than a static or ‘final’ one. The truth we greatly overlook is the truth belonging to this moment. And is this not where reality can be found… in what is happening? When we change our focus from looking for the ultimate ‘heaven’s opening up’ kind of truth to the truth of the moment… we begin to see in real terms. By following the moment as it unfolds, the truth of what-is-real is revealed and we are illumined – informed – as to the nature of our present reality.
By practicing presence, by looking squarely to the realities of your experience ( i.e. what is actually happening ) you can see your current mindset and attitudinal posture and where it is getting you in real terms. By looking to the moment and being awake to it, you can then correlate the inner goings on of the mind with the behaviours and actions that form a link to the circumstances that arise.
By following the truth of ones experience, one witnesses exactly why the cogs of life are turning as they are…


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