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Flower Essence Faux Pas #36

In Flower Essence Faux Pas on March 26, 2009 at 2:18 pm

In flower essence therapy there is a tendency to contract whenever we ‘see our stuff’. As soon as we catch sight of a familiar, destructive pattern many people contract, cringe at the sight, attempt to look the other way and run.

Rather than contracting, becoming demoralized and attempting to avoid our issues, we should adopt a different attitude. Why? The answer is simple… in that moment you have become aware – aware of your mindset, aware of your behaviour ( which is geared around your mindset ) and conscious of the actions that stem from these disturbing roots.

Awareness is not an issue!

As soon as we ‘return a destructive pattern to awareness’, we see it for what it is… and therefore we can do something about it. Without any awareness of the root consciousness, you can’t change it!

So, next time your working on yourself or reaching toward a goal ( the #.1. time you see your issues, simply because your actions contrast with them ) don’t go into judgment of yourself! be receptive to the whole pattern,become aware of the whole story and widwer scope of the problem and do something about it!

Ducking your head whenever a problem arises is counter productive. Not only this, your agreeing that it is better to have a lack of awareness… Far better to know your tendencies than to be blind to a consciousness that is subtly directing your actions…


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