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Proactive Is My Middle Name

In Homework on March 26, 2009 at 2:40 pm

Your homework for this week is to be conscious of what you are really doing. ( Sure, we do a lot of things in our day, but what are we really doing underneath it all? )

.1. Choose one goal that you will commit to and work on for 7 days. It can be anything but try to make it something valuable to you.

.2. Each day, decide what you will do for that day to make your goal come to fruition. Complete that step so that you are ready for the next days step.

.3. Write down what actually happens in terms of outcome, your actions, feelings and thoughts.

.4. ( Here’s where the work is ) Be mindful of where your actions are taking you! Connect your actions to your outcome and weigh them up – are you working toward your goal? Be aware of the realities involved in your actions. I.e. What does it take to complete this step in terms of time, effort, money, etc.

The homework is designed to place emphasis on the consciousness behind your actions and not so much the actions themselves. Are you aware of the realities to your plans? Are you willing to pay the price for your actions? Are you willing to live out your goal?

  1. I hear your brother….

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