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What Drives the Gears of Circumstance?

In Study Group on March 27, 2009 at 9:46 pm

What if our consciousness – not our thoughts – drove the wheels of change?

What if consciousness itself created the circumstances you step into every moment… and your thoughts were not the bringer-of-change that you believe they are?

Much of the time we use our thoughts to create, direct and change our reality – and sometimes to ‘push’ around so that life falls into place. In truth it is your consciousness – and the content of your awareness that shapes your reality and crystalizes circumstance that you experience.It is from this deeper mind that life caves in around you, greeting you with experiences that you then think about – as an afterthought…

Imagine then, that your thoughts merely dealt with ‘the details’ of  arisings from a deeper mind – that of consciousness itself? What if these shards of consciousness – your thoughts – were moulded by your deeper patterns of mind, patterns of joy as well as anguish…


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