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The Economics of the Day

In Essence of the Times, Progress Report on March 28, 2009 at 9:33 am

This morning I am finishing off the cutting and pasting of the first flower manual. The job is going well, collecting and gathering the flower entries, printing them out and binding it all in one, tangible piece.

While doing this job, as happens, thoughts enter my awareness of other things – flower related, sure, but other topics outside of my current sphere of interest. The one that triggered me to write this piece – a reminder – was a thought about how many people are changing their ways to suit the economic climate. A good thing – given that the changes match the current climate and are not reactionary, fear-based or obscured by projections that simply do not exist.

One area I’ve noticed is people stemming their passions due to economic downturn – as though the dollar = passion! An interesting trade off which I feel is not what the current collective climate is asking of us. Yes, money may be tight but this does not mean we tighten our passion for life or clamp down on our enthusiasm. ( I think we are being shown that we HAVE already done this as a collective whole. )

I believe that we are being asked to live realistically, not frugally. To bind our passion to our finances and spend ourselves and our lives in beneficial or ‘life giving’ ways. In other words, many of us are reacting by cutting down further on everything that is important in life… dreams, what we hope for, what our plans are, how daring and adventurous we will be… ‘keep some in reserve’ is the uninspiring motto that we are slowly slipping into ( an awareness of ).

Rather than cut back on our lifestyle spending, I think we are being asked to be conscious of how and what we spend our lives on, not our dollars. Are we working too much and attracting little for it? Is our lives all about work and not much else? What securities are we reaching for that aren’t true and lasting securities?

Realism and realistic thinking is in order. Cutting our spending on blind fantasy and spending what we have on the current realities of our lives is the current climate. For too long, collectively we have been spending too much on luxuries and not enough on the realities that would pave the way for luxurious living.

And so now my thoughts drift back to my room, my computer and my task; that of binding my first real flower essence manual…

Tips on Surviving the Downturn in Passion…

.1. Reduce spending on fear, hesitation and self-doubt.

.2. Take your dreams out of the bank and spend them now.

3. Invest in the people around you. They are major stock holders in your life!

4. Increase spending on passion,  creativity and the things that inspire your enthusiasm. Directly spend your resources of time, money and energy on these things.

5. Don’t buy into what other people tell you. Second ( 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc ) hand news is someone else’s view of reality. Are they capable of seeing the good in life and holding a balanced opinion?

6. Stay away from fun parks, children, poetry, Plato, Mozart, walks on the beach and nature as a whole – you might just remember what life is all about! Lol.

7. Gratitude is the only real currency. It is universal, is not subject to market fluctuations and ultimately yields a greater return.

  1. wounded; in all the right places! 🙂

  2. Take two!

    how can I mix up emerge n see using the kit I have

    I am out and need some


  3. fantastic article brendan, as always

  4. Awesome article. Thankyou!

  5. couldn’t agree more!!!

    PS wanna mix up some emergency essence, all my bottles are buried
    somewhere in Reynes house! don’t ask

    so with the kit I have what are the flowers I need for the mix?

    thanks poozles 🙂

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