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A Letter from Anthony

In Homework on April 4, 2009 at 10:11 pm

After posting “Where Do You Source Your Energy?”, I received an interesting reply. One that inspired me to reprint part of it here on the main page as well as my answer…

“… it’s surprising to me how many people act as though they’re separate from the laws of the universe & therefore become out of sync with the life force which we are all a part of. Ultimately, we abuse our bodies with bad diets, bad situations, bad tempers & so on, all of which are abuses of energy or life force & therefore largely unavailable to us in positive ways. No wonder so many of us get so worn out. So what are your thoughts?”


Reply 4 04 2009 thepineappleguy (22:03:24)

Yes, inseparability is the key. Many of our human problems arise because of our faulty view of ourselves as ’separate, individuals’. As soon as we say “I did this…” or “I feel that…” we are referring to a self that is pinched off from the whole, isolated out and divided from the greater context.

By habitually doing so, our thinking changes about weho we are. And we think we are left to our own devices. Therefore, things like health, happiness, security and even finance are up to us! These things must come from ourselves, our own efforts… for what are we without them? Based on this “i-solated self”,nature is replaced with adversity, need and craving. These supports ‘must’ be created by ourselves rather than being shared with us from a larger grid work that we belong to… that of, life itself.


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