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How Are You Spending Your Energy?

In Essence of the Times on April 7, 2009 at 9:23 am

2009-tour-posterLast night while experiencing an advertising break in between slumber, a thought came across my mind. Or rather it was a question.

Q. Do you spend your energy creating a better life?

Most people would emphatically say yes to this question. Who wouldn’t? After all, your not purposely spending your precious days creating a harder life are you? But as the thought came fully into view, the greater question came to my mind. A question that seemed to prove the first unhealthy.

Q. … or… Do you spend your energy experiencing what has already been created?

Let me explain. The first question implies that you are reaching for your dream life, job, relationship, etc and are spending your energy resources of time, health, money ( and life ) doing so.

The second question implies that you are spending your time, health, money ( and life ) experiencing what now is… and what you have already put your efforts into creating. And this is the key – a shift in posture; a shift in how you spend your energy.

The first question is all about control, activity and ( subtle ) resistance. ‘Making’ life happen, ‘shaping’ the things you don’t like, ‘scuplting’ the life you do like. Which is all fine but what you end up experiencing is not the desired result. What you experience is your own controls, tight grip, effort, force ( sometimes ) and in general, straining-to-make-life-work.

The second question is all about relaxation, receptivity and acceptance. It’s about the experience you now have, not the experience you could have or ‘will’ ( power ) have later. It’s about being receptive to the moment, using what is to your advantage – and, yes, a good bottle of red wine can be advantageous.

The latter mindset is very much the Bromeliad way of life. it represents the Pineapple philosophy, that is “relax… and ( allow life and self to ) unfold”. By following the movement of the moment, circumstances that you have previosuly played a part in shaping, one ‘glides’ through life rather than ‘grinds’ through it.

The first mentality is anchored in lack and the need to ‘make’ life work… and come up with the energy to do it! The second mentality utilizes what has already has been created and simply directs the course of events… doing so with a lighter mindset and a more bouyant ( positive ) attitude.

Try it! Enjoy now – the moment that you have already created…


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