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Stability Within Change

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The other day I was talking with Nancy Parker of Shell Essences fame about her new release essence, Fossil Nautilis. As we got talking, I asked her if the new essences – which have been released in relatively quick succession – were part of a new ‘side range’ of essences.

As soon as I asked the question, the first thought in my mind was about my own ‘side kit’ of additional essences that have come through over the last year – a subset of essences that I affectionately call ‘the band aid essences’. ‘Hmmm… was Nancy also producing a small kit of essences to compliment the larger range like I was..?’ So, I offered her the suggestion…

Now, for those who may not know, the Skyflowers came to me in a series of inspirations… or ‘channels’ ( a channel is when we are clear to allow the highest consciousness through into the mind ). In the first of which, I was directed to a public library ( because I did not have internet access at the time ) and was directed to a particular Bromeliad website. As I scrolled through the list of several thousand species and varieties, it was as though someone had highlighted certain plant names. As they were in botanical Latin, I scribed them down – some plants I knew well, others not. As I wrote, I made a list of 9 essences… then a space on the page… then 9 essences… then a space… and so on until I had 5 groups of flowers. Instinctively I knew these groups meant something. These groups I later recognized were specific themes, groups of flowers that revolved around particular realizations about life and self.

Now, the original group of 5 essences years later expanded to 15 flower groups – equaling 135 Skyflowers in total. These 15 ‘petals of consciousness’ as they are called, are not just a list of flowers. but an exact progression – a story as it were of the unfoldment of human consciousness. As this was no random act and amazingly accurate, I was bewildered when MORE essences came through to be worked with. In my human logic, I thought ‘where am I going to put them?’ in a story-telling system that spirit had already made as perfect.

Then 2009 came along. And these new essence made perfect sense. You see, the original flowers used in the ‘main’ Skyflowers kit came from 2 of the 3 sub-families within the Bromeliad family group – the epiphytic ‘higher-minded’  Tillandsioideae group… and the ’emotional, transitory’ Bromeliodieae group. Not one species came from the ground dwelling Pitcairnoidieae group. Out of 135 flowers, not one came from this grass-like subclass.


Commonly called ‘the Ancestral Bromeliads’, the 3rd sub-family solely comprises of terrestrial plants – plants which must be anchored to the Earth. Sure there are plants outside this subclass which must be Earth-holding, but all the species in the Pitcairnioidieae sub-family have to be ‘plugged into the ground’.

Now, where it gets interesting is the fact that scientists say that these flowers are the least evolved of the Bromeliads from their grass and palm cousins – some species looking very grassy in appearance. Least evolved to many usually means ‘behind’, lesser developed or environmentally weaker-than-the-other-more-superior-plant. But, when you think about it, the reverse is true. The reason why these plants have not evolved or changed so far is because they didn’t have to! They were already in alignment with their surroundings ( a big signature clue for us human beings! ) and when your comfortable in your place, then why not spend your energy living life rather than changing yourself! ( a hint perhaps? )

This, I believe. is what the new Shell Essence and Skyflowers are all about – they are ‘bridging’ essences. The ancestral Bromeliads match the ancient fossil shells in their role of ‘solidifying’ change  into our bodies, lives, etc. They are used to secure the changes that you have made in consciousness – most important when using vibrational remedies. The term is ‘grounding’.  These flowers ( and dare I say, my shelly cousins ) anchor you during transitional work – helping you to adjust the to the alterations we are making individually and collectively.

With the Skyflowers bridging essences, I have found that the sequence that the flowers have appeared in is also important – it is a ‘barometer’, measuring extreme difficulty with anchoring change to the sublime.( I would suggest to you Nancy, that you shells are ‘telling a similar story’. )

The first in the series of 6 essences, is the flower I have written several articles on before, namely Puya mirabilis. This species of Puya helps deals with the most extreme transitional issue – feeling like you are falling apart and that your life is unravelling at the seams as a result. The next flower in the series, another Puya species deals with a slightly less turbulent effect of vibrational transition. And so on until the 6th which is the most subtle conscious-change issue.

More on this tomorrow…

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New Shell Essences for 2009

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Shinbone Tibia- Gratitude and New Beginnings.

Fossil Nautilus – Connecting to the love within: rememberance of forgotten gifts.

For more information on these amazing essences, visit the Shell Esssence Website at

This article is dedicated to Deb, my Paitcairnia… the one who anchored me as I changed.

  1. Hmmm… curious that you use the term “Earth Stars”. That’s what the Cryptanthus are commonly known as – another terrestrial bromeliad but not from this sub-family.

  2. I have to say i knew the Pitcairns had an important role. You just have to hold the plants to feel the rush of energy! BGlad they have made it into your essence range Bren. Look forward to trying them out!!!! Earth Stars that they are.

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