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Why Change Anything?

In Essence Trials on April 8, 2009 at 1:14 pm

april-20072As I hefted the 20kg pot into position for repotting, the words “Why change anything?” entered my mind. Here I was about to uproot a perfectly good – but juvenile in my eyes – Puya mirabilis specimen and replace it with another more mature version.

Originally, my inspiration was to replace the smaller with something larger ( and seemingly better ) version. Then, as I went to the effort, I felt the anger that had come over me from earlier – not new anger. Just the best kind… ‘old’ anger. As the situation that put me in touch with the now boiling mass situated in my stomach blurred into the new scene – that of me pottering around in the garden, I became aware of the new ‘bridging’ ( grounding ) essence – the second of the new essences on the list. Puya venusta! ( Pictured Above )

Hmmm... let’s put it together and amend the wording just a little to human terms… “Why would I change anything?... Here I am about to heal / change / better myself again and replace the person I have come to be with another more mature version. I am just fine as I am. Why would I go to that effort? I am angry at the thought…  Who I am to do that to myself? Who am I to demand change?

As the garden shifted to the surreal, symbolic world I could see myself quite plainly. And the new essence, which not ironically was positioned just to the right of the pot I had gone to all that effort of shifting just to discover it was fine as it was.

Puya venusta deals with this very subject – the resentment created by a life of self criticism, poor self opinion and constant prodding-to-change yourself. Imagine how angry you would feel if someone else criticised you the way you do?Imagine that this criticism, this push-to-be-someone better lasted a lifetime – that’s a cancerous thought!

Q. How angry are you with yourself?

Q. How much do you resent yourself for the practices ( health, spiritual, work ) you make yourself do?

Q. When will you be satisfied with yourself? ( See: Satisfaction, Billbergia amoena var. stolonifera )

Despite your effort to be the best you can be, live your lfe in relative peace and happiness… and there’s you, pushing to change into someone else. How annoyed would you be if someone wispered a constantly in your ear, ‘change… do better… try harder…” – like a rowing coach bleating out ‘stroke, stroke, stroke’ in an effort to drive the team across the finish line. How would you feel if there was no let up – ever! What if you lived liked that – for your entire life?

Well, there are some perfectly good four letter words that you can utilise as your response!

More will be said on the subject of ‘anger over change’ later, but ask yourself, “Why change yourself?” Why change from the perfect person you now already are. You are growing, you are fine… now leave yourself alone!!!

P.s. I believe that judging yourself critically… and then changing yourself from a platform of criticism is the biggest sin performed by spiritual seekers – the very warning issued to Adam and Eve. Remember! Life does the changing. Your role is to particpate! For as the Pineapple says, “Relax… and Unfold.”

  1. Fantastic article, these thoughts are like a breath of fresh air to me. I love it.

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