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The Bromeliad Family

In Botanical Archetypes, Flower Essence Research, Progress Report on April 9, 2009 at 11:41 am

img_7144While pottering in the garden, the moisture in the cool autumn morning air washed against my skin. The sensation reminded me of the way Bromeliads ‘drink’ from the humid jungle air. And so I began to think about this marvelous feature – of being able to draw in what you need from all around – finding support-in-the-moment.

Reflecting on my own way of life, I smiled to realize that I, too am living like a Bromeliad – safe, supported and drawing from my experience of life.

Yesterday, I had a similar experience while gardening – an insight opened up into the nature of the third sub-family in the Bromeliad family; the The Pitcairnioideae. Known as ‘the ancestral bromeliads’, the grassy Pitcairn group are the least evolved of the Bromeliacieae.

The Tillandsioidieae group, considered the most evolved has left their roots behind and taken to the skies, dwelling on rocks, trees… even power lines – in fact, anywhere the wind blows the fairy-like seed.

But this is not the case for these terrestrial, rugged and often thorny grass-bromeliads. Rooted firmly to the Earth, the Pitcairnioidieae sub group differ in property as a flower remedy.

So what do they do?

Okay, the bromeliad family contains 3 sub-families. These three sub-families are as follows…

Sub-family .1. – The TILLANDSIOIDIEAE

At the top of the evolutionary tree are the TILLANDSIOIDIEAE. These floral genera are predominantly epiphytic ( tree-top dwelling ) and have ‘left the ground behind’. These flowers deal with subjects of MIND – thought, mental wavelengths, thinking patterns, mental focus and awareness.

Sub-family .2. – The BROMELIOIDIEAE

Somewhat less evolved, are flowers belonging to the BROMELIOIDIEAE sub-group. These floral genera are a rough mix of terrestrial and epiphytic plant groups. Being ‘neither ground nor sky’ dwelling, these Bromeliads deal with subjects of EMOTION and ENERGETIC MOVEMENT – Emotions, Emotionally Inspired Actions, Transitions, Changes, Behaviour. Metaphorically, these plants represents the transition between MIND and FORM… or what we call ‘taking action’.

Sub-family .3. – The PITCAIRNIOIDIEAE

Last but not least are the strictly Earth-growing plants belonging to the PITCAIRNIOIDIEAE. Built for survival, harshness and environmental extremes, these plants deal with  issues of FORM – Embodiment, Manifest Situation, Circumstance and generally ‘issues with how things are’. These flowers deal with the RAMIFICATION OF MENTAL ACTIVITY AND SUBSEQUENT MOVEMENT. In other words, the result of the other two subgroups and what they make up… MIND + ACTION = CONSEQUENCE.

2009-tour-poster2Here’s an analogy to sum up the above information – a bird flying. Imagine a bird firstly in the sky ( Mind, Focus ), then landing on the ground ( Transitional Movement… or what we call, ‘Emotion’ ) and then walking on the ground ( Reality, Circumstance ).

Now imagine the reverse – a bird standing on the ground, taking off and then flying in the sky. If you follow this sequence back and forwards a few times and you can begin to realize what the 3 Bromeliad sub-families and the flower remedies made from them help us to do – to clearly channel our consciousness into the world of form. The Pitcairnioidieae group helping to stabilize, solidify and concrete whatever is on that mind, ‘making mind real’ or ‘manifesting’ our higher state of consciousness here on Earth. In our lives – right now! Many know this as ‘ascension’ – the bringing of the higher self to the material plane.

( Note: How many spiritual seekers believe that their highest self is someone other than they now are… and look for a perfection, heaven or enlightenment that is elsewhere, out of reach? )

That’s the role of the Skyflowers – bringing ‘the heavens” to ‘ground’… bringing your ‘higher self’ to ‘Earth’… focusing your totality squarely on this moment – your only point-of-contact with the Earth plane!

By anchoring your higher mind and instinctual intelligence here, the result is ‘Ascension-on-Earth’ – an ascended, Bromeliad-lifestyle. And an self expression based upon a platform of awareness, insight and serenity ( rather than fear, worry and inadequacy-with-who-you-are. )

For too long this is what we have solidified our fears, manifest our worries-about-life and made our circumstance into the flawed view we hold over ourselves. The flowers from the Pitcairn group aims to change all that – they are here to show you what you are really made of…

For more information…

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  5. “to clearly channel our consciousness into the world of form”

    You have peaked my interest. I have never thought of bromeliads in that way.

    I do know however that since being introduced to bromeliads, I have always been attracted to them.

    Many thanks

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