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The Daffodil

In Responses to Peoples Letters on April 9, 2009 at 9:45 pm

img_1330This article is my response to an email from a woman asking about my belief in past lives, life & death and the concept of reincarnation…

Past life? Do I believe in past lives? The answer is no… I believe in one life – an ongoing life; what you would call an “eternal” or “immortal” life.

Let me explain my ( current ) belief in terms of a Daffodil. It is a good flower to contemplate ( Genus Narcissus! ) while inspecting the subject of life, death, incarnation and the immortal form ( the soul ).

To begin, I want you to think of a Daffodil growing in the garden; lush, healthy and alive.

Have you got the picture of a Daffodil in your mind? Okay.

(1) In visualizing a Daffodil, many people will instinctively picture the flower; the yellow trumpet. But this is merely the Daffodils flower. It is not the Daffodil. To understand the nature of life, we must first train the mind to go beyond what we are captivated by.

(2) Other, more aware people, will visualize the straight green leaves of the Daffodil as well as the flower – the above ground part of the plant. Most of the time, we identify ‘life’ as ‘the above ground part’ of ourselves – the part we can see, touch, taste with our sense and are aware of. If you visualize a Daffodil as the leaves and the flower, you are  still not seeing the Daffodil – it is merely the obvious part that you see. To understand the nature of life, we must secondly train the mind to look beyond the obvious and easily seen.

( 3 ) The deeper thinker will visualize the rooted bulb giving rise to the leaves and the flower; the whole plant. The awakened mind penetrates the soil and realizes the deeper truth, the whole truth. To understand the nature of life, we must thirdly train the mind to see things as they are, not as we think or believe they are. I.e. We must empty ourselves of concept and open ourselves to consciousness.

In our visualization of ourselves, the ‘life we have above ground’ is what draws our attention.We are (1) captivated by the (2) apparent and fail to (3) see the truth. We identify with the part above the ground – the ‘body’ that is ‘alive’ – and pin our core identity to it. And therefore, what happens to it.

By habitually identifying with ‘the green leaves’ we become blind to the whole, the larger self that exists below the ground – the bulb, the soul. By grasping the Daffodil leaves and emphatically affirming that this temporary form is what “I” am, we grasp for something that is finite and fleeting. For a Daffodil will lose it’s leaves, decay and fade after flowering… This is it’s larger design. Rise from the ground, fall to the ground, breathe in, breathe out.  In the same way, human beings cling to the transient part of themselves – the physical body which too will fade from view with the great exhalation, death. Again by our own larger design.

By failing to see our larger selves, we then misunderstand that death is now a part of us, and so we fear it. We believe that death ‘swallows us whole’, consumes and destroys us. If though we were a part of it, rather death being a part of us. But this is not so. Death is a part of our design, a natural part of us and who we are. Rather we should see that death is part of our larger, true self. An aspect of ourselves that we simply fail to understand or have a workable concept of. And we do so because we spend our lives neglecting this aspect of ourselves – fearing, avoiding and running scared of it. All because we base our concept of life upon an incomplete view of ourselves.

By clinging to the leaves of the Daffodil, our current definition of life is what creates the problem. The sense that death is the end of us. And therefore, justifiably something to fear. “I am this body ( and this body will fade.)” By clinging to, grasping for and holding onto an incomplete identity of ourselves, the seasons of nature will change and you will be left with a handful of dry, dead leaves!

You are a Daffodil! You have some parts above the ground that are obvious to see… and you have some parts below the ground that are not obvious at first; parts you are yet to discover. And you will, when you let go of your concept of yourself. And your concept of life.

Parts of us are are designed to fade below ground, for we come from there! Our true body, our true essence exists beyond our awareness, beyond our eyes and beyond our understanding. Our true body is something we will not understand if we keep clinging to dying leaves.

We are Daffodils… and we come into this world, blind to our whole selves. Not yet aware. Not yet awake. We are caught up in what we do… and in this way, we fail to see what we are. Caught up in our own cycle, our own cyclic nature… coming and going, rising and growing, maturing and fruiting, aging and dying.

We are the consciousness that exists within the expanse of immortal time… eternity. And that is what we are. Eternal consciousness.

For Diane, the immortal.

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