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A Curious Aspect of Flower Essence Research

In Essence Trials on April 16, 2009 at 2:18 pm

img_6419After holding the new Australian Bush Flower Essence Remedy, Amazon the other day, the experience reminded me of a peculiar experience that often occurs when creating and working with flower remedies. While holding the bottle I had an overwhelming sense. The sensation was not of trees or the river it was made near. I had the direct sense of monkeys – masses of them in the tree tops. As I sat with the bottle, I then could sense of the vines, trees and forest underbrush and as I did, the monkeys all but disappeared.

Often, when working with flower remedies, my first impression is of the environment or natural habitat that the flower belongs to and not of the flower itself. It is as though a large camera captures the surrounding landscape and then slowly pans down to the micro level. In fact, when working with flowers, you often catch more of a glympse of the landscape than you do of the flower itself.

Why is the case?

In that moment of union with the flower, you become the flower and look at life from it’s perspective consciousness. If you look about your current, physical environment for a moment, you will notice the details and objects that surround you. The color, temperature and furnishing of objects. The obviousness of the place greets you. What you don’t notice so much is yourself observing the environment! This is often the case with communing with flowers – the flower ‘goes missing’ and what is left is it’s essence, it’s presence-within-all-nature. While working with flowers, just a moments observation – or holding in the case of the Amazon essence – is all you need. You have become the very thing that you are in contact with. The trick is to notice yourself, what you are doing and the content of your awareness!

Another interesting experience that commonly happens is to notice the history of the location and what has happened over the ages – if not aeons in that particular place. Very interesting, yes, but one should not get too caught up in armchair traveling and remain focused on the job at hand – that of understanding the essence you are working with!

In the case of the Amazon essence, the most active aspect of the local environment came into view, the long tailed monkeys that inhabit ( or have inhabited ) the region. Then the more subtle aspects come into view. By noticing the list of sensations you experience, from the overt to the sublime, one can piece together a ‘story’, a guide to the mechanics of the essence you are working with. You can see at that first moments contact, the way the essence works – if you simply observe your monkey mind!

  1. Thank you! I would now go on this blog every day!

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