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What Do I Do When Murky Stuff Comes Up?

In Mailbag on April 21, 2009 at 2:17 pm

This post is in response to an email I received from a girl dealing with some ’emotional murk’ that was coming up for her and clouding her view of life and herself…

“… Just remember that the only reason you can shed the emotional murk is because you can see it, are not identifying with it anymore and therefore, not acting on it and perpetuating it in your life. In other words, when emotional distress comes up, remember that you have already stepped out of it…”

“We often get alarmed by our focus. “Oh geez, there’s a snake on the path…” Well… that poses a problem only if your standing in the same place as the snake doesn’t it? In the same way, when our emotional stuff comes up, rather than contracting over it, one should be happy to see it, to recognize something that has been hidden from your view and quietly influencing your behaviour… Now that’s something to be afraid of!!!”

  1. Yes, the fog you’re referring to is merely the meeting with an earlier, less conscious aspect of your awareness. The point is that you, the witness, are situated outside of the drama… watching it from a point of clarity… I.e. “I am confused, I am emotional, i am upset”… All are statements of clarity made from a position above-and-beyond the drama…

  2. yes… hence the more rattled, we get the more its a ‘celebration’ – as its a
    shift in our consciousness… its great fun isnt it??? (ask me next time when in
    the fog… =>)

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