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Genus Tillandsia – The Air Plants

In Botanical Archetypes, Flower Essence Therapy, Responses to Peoples Letters, Tillandsia on April 26, 2009 at 12:48 pm

logo_tillandsiaYesterday I wrote an article in response to a woman dealing with an obsessive / compulsive tendency. We began looking at the issue and I suggested some flower remedies as supports for her as she unraveled the consciousness behind the issue.

In the article, the first flower group suggested was Genus Tillandsia. The Tillandsias work to defuse mental fixations and obsessive thoughts – or “unbroken lines of mental energy giving rise to the illusion of solidity, substance and permanence”. The Tillandsias help to ‘deactivate’ the mind and return you to a neutral state of awareness. ( Kind of like taking your car out of gear so you can idle on the spot – you can just be present and are not pushed or forced to move. )

When there is a known issue or you have a clear goal you wish to work toward, the Tillandsias make a great place to start. Especially when you mind is overly-active, worried, anxious or overcrowded by incessant thoughts. In fact any issue that crowds you out of the picture and takes up all of your time, energy and focus – think Tillandsia!

In the Skyflowers there are 8* ( *released ) Tillandsias that you can choose from. All of them help with bad ( mental ) habits.

  • Determination, Tillandsia disticha – for thoughts that distract and divert your attention.
  • Patience, Tillandsia scaposa – for thoughts that are rushed and hurried.
  • Simplicity, Tillandisa streptophylla – for thoughts that lead to further difficulty and complication. ( I.e. Away from a simple or direct path. )
  • Spanish Moss, Tillandsia useneoides – for thoughts that inspire isolation, seperation and loneliness.
  • Purity, Tillandsia andreauxii – for thoughts that spoil or ruin the situation.
  • Self Acceptance, Tillandsia canescens – for thoughts that criticize and complain.
  • Understanding, Tillandsia latifolia – for thoughts that lead to misunderstanding and lack proper basis.
  • Involvement, Tillandsia queorensis – for thoughts that lead to preoccupation and self involvement.

As the Tillandsias pacify the mind, helping you to move from a mentally active stance to a passive one, they make a great start to countering pretty much any emotionally charged issue or bad habit that you have. A focus of emotionally charged mental energy lay at the heart of all of your issues – in other words, how you focus on your thoughts ( and the emotional labels you give them ) is the issue!

In the example of the woman with the compulsive tendency, the Tillandsias were suggested as a kind of  ‘cornerstone’ to work with. Other flowers were added to the mixture, but the Tillandsia archetype was the main source of remedy at this stage.We need to slow done her panic-ridden mind! So the first strategy we employ is the same as if someone had just been in a car accident – we attend to the shock, panic and hysteria. I.e We calm the person down so that they can relay to us the state of their injuries.

In our case study, we combat the anxiety, worry and fear that were the result of a racing mind. In order to bring her some relief as we root out the real issue, we need to deal with the overly active mind that shrouds the cause of her affliction.

By applying the Tillandsias Patience and Simplicity – we began to ‘pace her thoughts’ and so begin defusing some of the emotional warning signals. By doing so, the next layer of the onion will reveal itself in her mind… namely the reason for the panic. No longer so distracted by her own fight with the issue, we can then begin to see things for what they are – without the resistance, panic and warning sirens of the mind.

As this deeper material surfaces, the blend will change to allow the expression of the suppressed emotions that compel her to re-act in this way. Genus Aechmea, the flowers that assist with the inhibition of emotion and fear-based conditions will predictably become the main ingredient in the next blend for her. And Genus Quesnelia, the flowers that assist with mental fragmentation and alienation from the natural will be their back up, sowing back the pieces of consciousness; the mental jigsaw that tells the whole story of the condition. For now, let’s allow the Tillandsias to do their work… of slowing down the mind and exposing what lay in the space of awareness…

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  2. Very useful info. Thanks!…

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  5. Hi, Thanks for article. Everytime like to read you.

  6. this is a really usefull summary, i started using for a few days the spanish moss combined with the flower of consideration…..
    nice to be able to diffuse too much thinking…

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