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In Responses to Peoples Letters on April 28, 2009 at 9:08 am

“I don’t know where to begin to fix everything. It’s not a case of delusion due low self esteem. I am bright enough to understand my own reasons and results to some degree. My eyes are teary and my nose is wet and I feel hopelessness. I cried during shower yesterday. It is easier to not realize yourself, but I am a realist and too bright to handle myself. Besides, I don’t like people that fault and don’t even recognize it. Everyone have their own world but there has to be some limits, according to me. Am I suppose to live every second of my life attempting to “correct” myself? Why did I have to evolve so wrong! Dumb childhood.”

Hi, My name is Brendan Rohan and I am a flower essence therapist. So many people I’ve met over the years ask the same question – “what is wrong with me?” In one of my flower therapy workshops, I give the particpants an exercise to help identify the causes of their common problems. So I hand them a list of flower remedies and ask them to choose the ones they need; shortlisting the priorities. It’s always interesting to witness that people can pinpoint their tendencies… but are not clear as where to begin at unraveling their particular issue(s).

How can we be so clear about what we know to be wrong with us…but have no idea about where to start?

I’ve written several articles on my blog about this which may help you, but here are some insights that I’ve found useful along the way…
.1. You are not your past nor are you even your current experience.
.2. You true essence is not your name nor is it the finite labels you give yourself. And live by.
.3. The things you suffer from are a result of your thinking style, thought patterns and thinking habits. ( We fail to realize that feeling is the flipside of thought and that what we think about and focus upon generates feelings – e.g. criticize yourself and you will feel it! )
.4. Criticism is the worst poison you can feed yourself.
.5. No one is broken. Everyone is whole.
In every moment of life, you are born fresh-and-new… where we go wrong is that we are in the habit of treating ourselves badly, poking at ourselves to change and criticizing what we have done… in other words, we are in the habit of breaking ourselves… and then use our time trying to fix the break! ( Doing so in a fresh moment and polluting the new experience of ourselves! )
.6. The process of life is to awaken to your true self. We suffer in the shortfall of understanding and seeing who we truly are. We behave according to the limited vision we have of ourselves, we behave according to partial truths that we feed to ourselves and operate according to a self image that is old-at-best. ( See Video 2 above )

Stay with yourself, you are worth it…

Brendan Rohan – Skyflowers

Even though the original post was written in August, 2007, it still may be a relevant issue for this person. If you would like to leave your own comments on perplexityshe’s blog click here.


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