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The Seamless Flow of Truth

In Homework, Study Group on April 30, 2009 at 10:09 am

This is just a reminder to notice your current experience. And to participate in the moment. By noticing what is current – from your feelings to your comfort, you can respond appropriately to the current circumstance.

Begin noticing yourself in this moment. By doing so you are actually training yourself out of the bad habit of labeling your experinces, making up stories about what is going on and the other mental ‘hit-or-miss’ fiction we commonly indulge in.

Allow life to do the narration. Allow your experiences to tell your story. Continue to notice, continue to be aware. Follow the seamless flow of truth that arises in every given moment and the consciousness that fills your mind. Open yourself to participation and not speculation about the only thing that matters – this moment. And what you do with it.

For Allen, the man who noticed he needed a more comfortable chair.


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