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The Green Star

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The Green Star – Disheartened, Disappointed. Cryptanthus ‘Snow Goose’

+ Aiming high. Going directly for what you want in life. Dusting off your dreams and setting yourself to task.

Under achieving in life. 2nd besting yourself. Afraid to seek your highest aspiration because you fear loss.

  1. Good insights! I have had a week of awareness on this subject myself. I was noticing the difference between those confident moments when I can pick up the phone and make a contact and those moments of retreat that are basically born of a less confident self.
    There are times for action and inaction but if you have a goal then you do need to apply yourself to the steps of making this a reality. In my case I paint and that doesn’t change, but the vulnerable moment in picking up the phone to make an appointment with a Gallery director is the other important ingredient in the recipe for success.
    Many creative people are at home with their wonderful creations and wondering why it is they are not accessed, when it is up to them to make themselves accessible and available to the very success they dream of.
    Thanks for the poignant reminder. I actually made the appointment earlier this morning, but it took me a week to pick up the phone! 🙂

    • It is an interesting one. Intention, ambition to create and why we often don’t ‘follow through’. The ‘not picking up the phone’ when you think to may not be a sabotage issue… but the deeper mind factoring for all of the other jobs, roles, tasks and unseen events that are playing out and need attention.
      Where we often get lost is in the idea that just because we think something… then we should instantly go and do that thing. But, our thinking is only our current focus… and not the wider periferral awareness that sees the wider, bigger picture.
      Who knows, the gallery owner may have been with a client, been taking another phone call or having coffee at a street cafe at the times you thought to ring… maybe your instinct to back off was right… but your thought to ring at those times was the thing that was a little off!

  2. This is so fitting for me at the moment. Right now I am trying to find a new job, having recently been made redundant. I am constantly juggling the ideas of holding out for the ‘dream’ role, or taking whatever I can get. Since I haven’t had any offers yet it hasn’t been too difficult to decide, but it is playing on my mind.
    I was shocked and disappointed when applying for a job last night, that I realised was a long shot, when my family who I’d called on for some assistance with my application, basically told me not to bother! I stayed true to my determination to try and applied anyway – they can’t hire me if they don’t know I’m interested! Who knows what seeds this application might plant.
    The last month or so feel like times of change, as much as I’m nervous, I feel like the wind is with me. Other friends are making shifts into the positive, and I have too – this just feels like a big one, harder to shift but I’m so excited to see where I land next!

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