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Do You Measure Up?

In Flower Essence Therapy, Neoregelia on June 4, 2009 at 10:27 am

It’s an amazing thing to witness. People who have taken on challenging career roles but feel like they ‘don’t measure up’. Despite the reality of what we do, why is it that we often feel inadequate, small or like what we don’t ‘fit’ the role that we are in?

The flower of Equality, Neoregelia lilliputana deals with the subject of ‘personal power’. Often it is used in power struggles such as arguments between couples, inequalities between bosses and employees and other tug-o-wars ‘to see who is bigger’ that we commonly get into.

However, the flower also helps in situations where we feel ‘small’ and utterly powerless. When our ‘measure of who we are’ leaves us feeling like our abilities are ‘too few’, we are ‘too short’ for the role and ‘tiny’ in comparison to the task at hand.

Additionally, the flower helps when facing our issues – those problems which seem ‘too big to handle’ – leaving us feeling powerless to do anything but revolve around in whatever cycle of misery we are in.

However, the flower points out that often our problems are made big because we have shrunk and diminished ourselves in the face of them. When we step out from under our problems we see that our thoughts, feelings,  emotions and behaviours are smaller than we think… and we tower over them – empowered to make change.

  1. Yes, our measures for success, happiness, maturity, etc often aren’t based on the reality we face… but on some obscure internal measurement. When we measure reality in this way, often the ruler that we use isn’t quite accurate in length!!!

  2. Haha, Yeh, I feel on top of things that last week seemed to have the strength over me! I had a postponment with a gallery that left me feeling flat but then a dinner was requested by a buyer for this friday at my house. Looks as though they were supposed to be here all along! Now to remember that more fully the next time something like that happens. I sold a painting today, so I bought 6 new canvas’ to keep it rolling! It is funny how nothing happens for us when we think it cannot happen and when we let go of that fear in it comes! Then, how much one positive step can fuel us for another leg of the journey! Shall be listening tonight!x

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