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In News on June 5, 2009 at 10:01 am

IMG_7458It’s amazing. To be calm while doing something that would have once caused you to shake like a leaf. Sure there were a few anxieties, but nothing over the top. And so the moments leading up to the radio interview were… well… ordinary. It was like the event was normal and presented no real change in my usual routine. A smooth flow of events and I felt equal to the task – a thing that was once an impossibility for me.

So how did I come to be on radio, being interviewed about the flower research?

About a month ago, Paul Segal asked myself and a fellow colleague, Sonia Macaro to appear on his ‘Write Now’ radio show. As the date approached, Sonia wasn’t able to come and so there I was with ‘top billing’. I had known Paul through the shop ( Equilibrium ) and had spoken with him on a number of occasions. He told me about his show, we got together over lunch and hey presto, I was going on the air.

The show felt like a ‘marker’ for me. As though I had stepped out of the experience as a different person. As though doing radio interviews and tv spots were no longer a visualization but were now ‘just a part of what I do’. No longer seeing myself as ‘too small’ for such things ( a realization from Wednesday nights class on ‘personal power’ ), I now am looking forward to doing more of such events, speaking engagements, etc… and feel quite comfortable in ‘filling those shoes’. More later.

Thank you to Paul Segal, Rodney Levy and 88.3 Southern fm.

  1. It was a great interniew and I am sure now the interviewers are better versed in the nature of your work, they will want you back soon to go even deeper into Skyflowers and how they help us self realise!

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