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The Fog

In Uncategorized on June 8, 2009 at 2:48 pm

Spiders WebAfter chatting with an old friend today about her ‘lack of focus’ of late, I thought it may be useful to write a piece on why many of us feel this way at present.

Have you noticed that it is very hard to think clearly, linearly or form any concrete plans… let alone follow them? You may feel like your brain has been switched off and you are somehow less driven, purposeful or effective. These are all symptoms of a collective shift – a ‘fog’ – and are not to be taken personally!

Qualities of the fog…

  • Lack of focus – The fog stems from focusing on too many things at once.
  • Lack of motivation – Feeling tired and like your energy is being drained away. This comes from your energy being directed in too many directions.
  • Lack of purpose – See above for why your purpose has gone missing.
  • Misdirected intent – You have gotten lost in the details and spend your energies on things other than what inspires you. Your ultimate lifestyle has been replaced with ‘getting things done’, ‘supporting yourself’ and ‘getting by’.
  • Unrealistic plans / fanciful thoughts – You living too far ahead of your actual reality and the images you hold have no stable basis.

Many are complaining that they lack focus, motivation and energy.When we step back a moment, we will begin to see that we lack focus because we are focusing on too many things at once. And therefore, our directives are unclear, cloudy and unsure – a symptom that is reflecting back to us.

For example, in terms of personal goals, we firstly focus on what we want… but then often drift off on sidetracks, tangents, ‘what if’s’ and generally get ‘lost in the details’. And as we drift away from our desired aim, so does our energy and rather than feeling energetic and pointed, we feel defused the more we scatter our attention. And doubt creeps into the equation. As we lose sight of our ultimate aim, we wind up walking around in circles, merely attending to the details of life and doing not much else.

This ‘collective fog’ will remain with us until around mid-October of this year. But rather than think it a negative, it’s a positive – a time to retrain your mind and tame your thinking. Rather than resist the experience, we need to accept it and adapt to ‘driving in a fog’. Just as you would slow down for hazardous conditions on a road, rather than pressing down harder on the mental accelerator to ‘get through the experience faster’, we are being directed to ‘adjust our sails’ and take a different approach to the creative game of life… in preparation for what comes later.

How to drive in a fog…

  1. Slow down. Amble along at a reasonable pace that you can handle.
  2. Narrow down your focus. Pay attention to what’s right there in front of you.
  3. Turn your lights down from high-beam. ( I.e. wilfull focus. )
  4. Go directly toward your destination ( goals ).
  5. Don’t follow roundabaouts that lead in circles or side roads that lead to places you don’t want to go.
  6. Arrive. ( Many of us forget to do this! )

Despite the prevailing weather and economic ‘sign’ of collective instability,  it seems that people are resisting the experience and trying to do the opposite…

How to drive like a maniac while in a fog…

  1. Drive along as though it were a sunny day and nothing out of the ordinary were happening. Ignore the fact that you are driving in hazardous conditions.
  2. Turn up your headlights. Use more willpower to combat a lack of clarity.
  3. Keep your energies over-extended and locked up in the same old doubts, worries and other mental fiction. Keep focussing on things that may never come about anyway.
  4. Drive as fast as you can while being unsure of where you are going exactly. Make sure that there is no clear idea of why you are going so fast. ( I only have to look out my window for examples of this one! )
  5. Ignore global instabilities that are rocking major financial institutions, corporations and whole countries. Allocate your current resources of money, time and energy however you like.

Collectively, whether you are sensitive or not, there is a thick fog at the moment. By slowing down to the conditions, you will be reconnecting your senses, sensibilities and thoughts to match your external reality. A good thing to get into the habit of doing!

Suggested flower remedy…

For those who use the Skyflowers, I suggest using the flower of Determination, Tillandsia disticha to offset the effects of the fog. Being a Tillandsia, the flower will help you to regain your focus by defusing all of the mental tangents you are in the habit of entertaining – mental junk that clouds your vision. The flower helps you to return to single-pointed attention and focus directly upon your goal – harmessing your energies toward that end.

  1. ‘the fog’ has been interesting, as I watch students react very differently to the fog.. the incredible resistance in some… and those who work with it…. and of course, I’ve oscillated between the two depending on each moment. =>

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