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Are You Awake?

In Study Group on June 17, 2009 at 12:24 pm

Class000Often, we believe that we are fully awake as we go through life. We wrongly assume that by waking up in the morning, that our senses, sensibilities, wisdom and intelligence are automatically ignited and switched on.

But, are we really awake?

“We are awake to our self image… but are asleep to our potential” are the words offered by the Skyflowers.

If you examine your self image ( i.e. who you believe you are ) for a moment, all you really know about yourself is information supplied by your past experiences… or more accurately, your perception of your experiences – which narrows the amount of information you have about yourself even further.

I don’t know about you but basing your current actions, behaviours, thoughts, lifestyle and hope-for-the-future on an old, faulty and incomplete model of ourselves sounds rather hazardous.

The first thing we need to do is wake up to the fact that our current view of ourselves may be ‘wrong’. I.e. it is not entirely accurate and incomplete at best. Despite this, we cling to an incomplete, outdated and delusional model of ourselves… seeking inspiration for who we can be and how we can better live our lives. Little do we realize that by doing so, we are looking to our past experiences for advice on how we should experience the present moment. By drawing upon our past… and turning away from our current experience, we then fall sound asleep to true selves.

This leads us to the second thing we need to do. once we wake up to the fact that ‘the blueprint of ourselves’ may be incorrect, we then need to look elsewhere for advice on how to live our lives.

By practicing ‘waking up to ourselves’ in this moment, we shed our self image and our ability to recreate our past. By noticing what is really going on and paying attention to what’s happening to you right now, we gain access to more useful… and truthful information. And we are better informed about what we can do with our lives.

So, fall asleep to your self image.

Fall asleep to your opinions of yourself… fall asleep to your beliefs about what you can and can’t do… your views and your labels. These belong to a past ( experience ) that is no longer valid. By doing so, you will awaken to your true self, the one who is beyond the confines of any experience, able to live as you now choose.

( See Video – Episode 2 – The Mosaic of Self Image )

  1. yes, guilty… definitely was a ‘sleep-in’ today. =>
    Thank you. Rise and shine!

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