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There’s a Problem with the Steering!

In Flower Essence Therapy on June 24, 2009 at 3:47 pm

41466__280x280_041466-yellow-black-striped-grunge-construction-icon-transport-travel-ship-wheel1I now believe that one of the main problems that human beings have is with steering their energy!

Despite the fact that we are often tired, stressed and overstretched in our commitments, I believe we actually have a problem directing the abundant supply of energy that we have toward meaningful goals.

Because our energy is constantly supplied to us throughout the course of our lives, I believe that our chief source of distress lies in the fact that we just don’t know how to ‘steer the stream of creative energy’ that we have at our disposal.

We just don’t know how to consistently steer our thoughts, emotions, feelings and actions toward our ‘favourite holiday destinations’ such as ‘Happyland’, ‘Peaceville’, ‘Joytown’ and the place where you get to get away from it all, ‘WorkwhenIwantto’. I feel you will agree with me when I say that ‘people are crazy, erratic drivers’… outside and in!

As our life force powers our thoughts, bodies, health, feelings, etc, our energy also propels us to play a part in reality at large, I think that most ( if not all ) of our human problems happen because we ‘steer ourselves – and our lives – toward negatives’.

So much of the focus of our energies is on problems, things we wish to avoid, dramas we can never sort out, fears, worries, bad relationships, ill fitting careers, etc. And because our energy is ‘on tap’ and supplied to us freely, abundantly and constantly, this allows us to carry on driving our lives into walls, trees and other obstacles as we zig-zag along the highway of life.

The question we silently ask is, ‘How do I put my mind in neutral gear for a moment? How do I disengage the gears that are driving me to emotional extremes?” It seems that we know how to go faster in our lives and use the gears that lead us to a maddening pace… but we just don’t know how to go slower,  idle-on-the-spot and ‘park’ for awhile. Especially while turbulent situations rage around us.

For me, it’s not really a matter of ‘not having enough’ energy to live a creative, successful and inspirational life. It’s a matter that the time and energy we do have is often misdirected! Depending on where you have aimed your thoughts, that’s the direction you will be driving in!

With so much energy at our disposal, I do believe that we have a real issue coping with the ongoing-supply that we have. And doing something positive and constructive with it!

Often we seek to lead happier, more creative and fulfilling lives. But, the truth of why we ‘aren’t getting more out of life’ is because the energy we do have is locked up in negatives, focused away from the positives that we seek and generally steered to another place entirely.

Which is why we don’t stay in ‘Happyland’ for very long… because we get there, we drive straight on through to some place else!

Q. Do you have a problem with steering?


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