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The Blocked Drain

In Uncategorized on June 25, 2009 at 4:36 pm

IMG_2002-1There I was. On the eve of my trip away I was tending to a blocked drain at my house. Sitting in a muddy puddle, busily stuffing a hose down a blocked pipe. As I did so my mind began to drift and think about what I was doing.

Stuff, stuff, stuff. Force, force, force… and seemingly getting nothing in return but frustration. As I relaxed into the experience, I changed my approach. Rather than trying to stuff the hose further down the hole, I merely let the pressure of the water dislodge the junk that was drifting to the surface. It seemed that the blockage was clearing anyway!

Pushing and forcing is the theme of the 2nd, soon-to-be-released Skyflower, Puya ( pooy-ya ) Venusta. Another of the anchoring and stabilizing flowers, this silver-looking species Puya compliments the first release, Puya Mirabilis which dealt with the subject of falling apart and unraveling.

If the first of the new ‘grounding’ essences, releases us from ‘trying to hold ourselves… and everything in our lives together’, Puya Venusta releases us from the task of ‘trying to push ourselves… and everything in our lives forward’.

As I continued to tend to the blocked drain, I realized that much of life is spent ‘pushing ourselves’ to ‘clear away the blockages’ so we can ‘be’ something better – materially as well as spiritually.

But is this how to achieve lasting results and true progress?

As I worked away on the drain – or rather held the hose while the water worked away – the junk that floated up reminded me that my own impurities would float to the surface and be released in time… naturally.

The new Puya helps us to realize that we are unfolding ( at a rate set by nature ) and that all we need to do is allow it. And participate in that unfoldment ( as opposed to the unfoldment that we have mapped out for ourselves ). When we allow ourselves to progress at a rate set by our soul – and not our mind – our progress and life process is a whole lot easier. By pushing for yourself forward and dictating the terms of what, when and how things should happen, this constant prodding at ourselves will achieve one thing – and it isn’t progress! Pushing yourself will make you angry!

Soul anger is the underlying condition that Puya Venusta deals with. The anger towards ourselves when we don’t leave ourselves alone to live life at our own pace. By pushing yourself to do or be something other, you may be catering to the directives laid out by your self image… and not those of your true or higher self.

More will be said on this amazing new flower later and the subject of soul anger, but for now the lesson that gently floats up from the deep, dark drain is to stop pushing because I am moving forward anyway… and to allow my life experiences to do the work of unfolding who I really am.

  1. Yes, there was ‘soul anger’ today… => it was interesting to watch self and others be in it too.. thank u Puya Venusta! wat would we do without blocked drains?? =>

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