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Embracing the Mystery of Life

In Flower Essence Research on July 23, 2009 at 11:16 am

IMG_8025In researching the properties of flower essence remedies, you are always poised between two distinct opposites – clarity and mystery. Despite the natural drive to produce clear definitions of the flowers you are researching – so that other people can understand what they are used for – the truth is that you have to contend with ( and concede to ) the fact that you will never completely gain a full insight into the issue in question. And even if you did gain enlightenment, would you be able to convey it through written words or communicate it through language?

Case in point. 2 years ago I thought ( in my infinite wisdom ) that I would write a piece on ‘the interaction between a flower essence and an emotional issue’. In other words, I set out to describe the way that a flower remedy influences consciousness and as part of my foolish genius, I planned to ‘take the reader down the microscope of the mind’ and draw up the landscape. Being the spiritual daredevil that I am, I then submitted a proposal to the Australian Kinesiology Association for inclusion in their Adelaide conference program ( which it was ) saying that ‘I would have the paper in question ready’ in time. Read the rest of this entry »


NEW MANUAL! – The Skyflowers: An A-Z Guide!

In 25ml Combination, Aechmea, Billbergia, Botanical Archetypes, Cryptanthus, Flower Essence Therapy, Flower Remedies, Neoregelia, Puya, Quesnelia, Tillandsia, Vriesea, Weekly Classes & Workshops on July 18, 2009 at 12:48 pm

The Skyflowers – An A-Z Guide to Bromeliad Flower Remedies A4 Manual – $20. AU$

IMG_2128-1This easy-to-read, 22 page guide marks the 20th anniversary of a fascinating study of the Bromeliad family – the Skyflowers.

Designed to be simple-yet-informative, this quick reference guide will cater to both beginners and flower essence therapists alike. Alphabetical, 3-line listings makes looking up a particular remedy easy and short, key-word definitions provides just the right amount of information to understand what each remedy is used for.

The book is a great introduction to the world of the Skyflowers and makes a good starting point for further study of the remedies made from these amazing, ‘air-dwelling’ plants.

A great reference when you need to jog-your-memory!

The Manual features…

* Simple, 3-line listings for more than 81 individual remedies and pre-mixed combinations.

* An introduction to Bromeliads, their general properties and what they have to offer as a flower essence remedy.

* Step-by-step instructions on how to use the remedies and tips for choosing the right essence for you.

* Botanical symbols beside each flower entry for easy cross-reference with the Botanical Archetypes A4 Reference Chart and other Skyflowers materials.

* Instructions on how to use the Botanical Archetypes to gain a deeper understanding of the remedy you are working with.

* Educates and raises awareness before a remedy is even applied.

Term 3 Flower Essence Classes are About to Begin…

In News, Study Group on July 12, 2009 at 12:50 pm

Weekly Flower Essence Classes

Venues & Times –

  1. Tuesday 7.30pm – 9pm @ The Science of Unfolding – 1252-1254 High St, Armadale.
  2. Wednesday 7.30pm – 9pm @ Unit 2 / 55 Blackwood Avenue, Mentone.

No experience necessary. For a complete list of class and workshop dates for this year, click here.

Session Prices –

  1. Casual Attendance – $18.
  2. Full  10 Week Term – $150.
  3. Full 10 Week Term + 9 x 15ml Stock Essences – $250.

Note: To be Eligible for Discount Rates, Full Payments ( Options 2 & 3 ) are Due on / by the 1st Class of New Term.

Skyflowers & the Practice of Presence – July-September, 2009

  1. Tues July 14th – Overview of the 2nd Flower Group – “Responding to Changes in Your Environment” 7.30pm, Armadale.
  2. Wed July 15th – Overview of the 6th Flower Group – “The Native Forces” – 7.30pm, Mentone.
  3. Tues July 21st – Consideration 7.30pm, Armadale.
  4. Wed July 22nd – The Skyflower ( Purpose ) 7.30pm, Mentone. *Bring-a-friend, 2-for-1 Offer!
  5. Tues July 28th – Surrender 7.30pm, Armadale.
  6. Wed July 29th – Self Expression 7.30pm, Mentone.
  7. Tues Aug 4th – Change 7.30pm, Armadale.
  8. Wed Aug 5th – Security 7.30pm, Mentone.
  9. Tues Aug 11th – The Purple Heart ( Proportion ) 7.30pm, Armadale.
  10. Wed Aug 12th – Compassion 7.30pm, Mentone.
  11. Tues Aug 18th – Courage 7.30pm, Armadale.
  12. Wed Aug 19th – Innocence 7.30pm, Mentone.
  13. Tues Aug 25th – Perspective 7.30pm, Armadale.
  14. Wed Aug 26th – Purity 7.30pm, Mentone.
  15. Tues Sept 1st – Attitude 7.30pm, Armadale.
  16. Wed Sept 2nd – Self Acceptance 7.30pm, Mentone.
  17. Tues Sept 8th – Resilience 7.30pm, Armadale.
  18. Wed Sept 9th – Affirmation 7.30pm, Mentone.
  19. Tues Sept 15th – Spanish Moss 7.30pm, Armadale. *Bring-a-friend, 2-for-1 Offer!
  20. Wed Sept 16th – Intention 7.30pm, Mentone.

Interstate Special Events

  1. Sydney Dates – Sept 18th – 20th – Australian Kinesiology Conference.
  2. Brisbane Dates – Fri Sept 25thBromeliad Flower Essences – Introductory Workshop – 7-10pm, Venue TBA
  3. Brisbane Dates – Sept 26th & 27th – Skyflowers 1 – The Practice of Presence –Venue TBA

Note: Due to Term Break, There will be No Classes on Sept 22nd, 23rd, 29th or 30th. Classes Recommence for Term 4 – Oct 7th & 8th.  Discounted Payments are  Due on / by the 1st Class of Term ( see above ).

Flower Essence Faux Pas #7 – Using Catharsis as a Marker for Growth

In Flower Essence Faux Pas on July 11, 2009 at 12:23 pm

I recently recieved some feedback from a woman who had been using Queens Tears, Billbergia nutans. Her feedback was that ‘the essence didn’t work… but… another essence worked well to clear her junk’, venting her bottled emotions and allowed her to ‘express her opinions rather strongly’ to those who had wronged her now and in the past. In other words, she exploded. And once the smoke had cleared, she felt better.

Queens Tears is for the gentle release of pent up emotions – those strong emotions you have suppressed or feelings that you have side-stepped in an attempt to remain composed. As I suggested to this lady, Queens Tears doesn’t produce a catharsis and it’s not meant to. It’s an ‘anti-catharsis’ flower. Queens Tears allows for a ‘slow release of tears’, one at a time, at a pace that is not overwhelming. The flower regulates the emotions and eases their release, bringing relief-without-further-upsetting-yourself-while-doing-so.

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Pineapple Diary Passes 2,000 Hits

In Uncategorized on July 10, 2009 at 1:30 pm

Thanks to all the readers and followers of the blog. I just got back from a 2 week vacation in Australia’s top end – Darwin and Kakadu national park and am itching to get back ‘behind the news desk’. Thanks for your feedback also.