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Embracing the Mystery of Life

In Flower Essence Research on July 23, 2009 at 11:16 am

IMG_8025In researching the properties of flower essence remedies, you are always poised between two distinct opposites – clarity and mystery. Despite the natural drive to produce clear definitions of the flowers you are researching – so that other people can understand what they are used for – the truth is that you have to contend with ( and concede to ) the fact that you will never completely gain a full insight into the issue in question. And even if you did gain enlightenment, would you be able to convey it through written words or communicate it through language?

Case in point. 2 years ago I thought ( in my infinite wisdom ) that I would write a piece on ‘the interaction between a flower essence and an emotional issue’. In other words, I set out to describe the way that a flower remedy influences consciousness and as part of my foolish genius, I planned to ‘take the reader down the microscope of the mind’ and draw up the landscape. Being the spiritual daredevil that I am, I then submitted a proposal to the Australian Kinesiology Association for inclusion in their Adelaide conference program ( which it was ) saying that ‘I would have the paper in question ready’ in time.

16,000 words and 22 pages later I had to concede defeat. Well, not exactly a defeat, just a ‘slight change in plans’. Instead of producing a clear and concise 3 page conference paper, I produced what I recognized to be a great framework for a book – of which I still plan to complete.

When writing my conference paper, I realized that in order to illustrate how a remedy influenced our emotions I had to define the larger playing field – that of consciousness itself. I don’t know if it was the 30 day deadline for a paper I promised to write that was the catalyst for the sudden flash of insight or not, but I in fact did produce a conceptual model that showed the interaction between thought, awareness and emotion. A great plan if I were Plato, Jung or Copernicus! lol.

The paper became something larger than first anticipated – a thing you have to contend with when researching flower remedies. Expansion! Things gettting larger and larger the more you interact with them and not smaller! This is great when you are looking for insight and answers to life’s problems… but when you want to write a book… or more the point, FINISH a book that you are writing, the mystery of life can be a hurdle. It’s like trying to lasso creation itself. ( And that is what appeals to me, the impossibility of it all! )

No matter how precise you are in understanding a specific quality, emotion or body system… that ‘part’ always exists in a larger context. That’s what I mean by ’embracing the mystery!’ And so, dealing with ‘the big mystery of human consciousness’ is what flower essence research is all about. it’s about how you deal with life… not just how you ‘make remedies’.

Although you may be technically skilled in writing, meditation, plant botany, psychology and emotional dynamics, mental agility, clairvoyance ( with a dash of business marketing ) and everything else it takes to ‘see’ the true nature of the flower you are working with ( let alone differentiating them from the 135 others you have on the slate! ) being able to deal with the many mysteries ( of life, self, consciousness and the universe ) is one skill that you really need.

In simple terms, the insights for the remedies come to you… you don’t go to them! You make your appraoch, you ask the question and you put forward your ‘need to know’… but you don’t get to answer the question. The vast and unknown space does that! And no amount of force or willpower will change that fact! The flowers must grow through you. And they will be witnessed not in your mind… but in your life.

These days for me, the greatest feat in being an author is to write short-yet-evocative sentences as opposed to long detailed tracts of information. Poetry and prose are far more potent in displaying the human condition and dealing with the dramas of life. Writing pages of information has it’s place, sure, ( as in the case of the practioner manuals with 8 dedicated pages for each flower ) but what happens when you want to write a ‘quick reference’ guide that is clear and easy to grasp… but still displays the mystery of the great unknown? I’ll tell you what happens! It takes you 6 years to complete a 22 page manual – lol!

A couple of years ago, while creating pages of information about the flowers, I set myself the task of producing a simple, double sided A4 reference chart. This chart had to describe my 5 years of research into botanical archetypes… and leave nothing out. After ‘wrestling with the bull of creativity’ – and after numerous refinements to the text – I achieved the impossible. A simple reference chart brought me so much joy. A piece of paper that managed to squeeze 5 years of contemplation into it’s confines felt like walking on the moon!

This week I experienced the same elation when I completed the ‘A-Z guide’ to the Skyflowers!

As a flower essence researcher, I love the challenge of wrestling with the mystery in order to produce clarity – a clarity that I can then offer others via the remedies and the written work that backs them.

As a writer, I love the challenge of a wresting for the right set of words that converys the mystery… I don’t know what is more complex… life… or me and my crazy personality that loves a good mystery!

  1. fantastic articles…

  2. I really like this, it’s clear and well written. Really looking forward to reading the manual and putting it to use.
    I have a few questions for you. …… when are you free? perhaps an afternoon tea with you and your mum?? Amanda ox

  3. Life would be boring without the mystery and adventures =>

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