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Wisdom of the Soul

In Conscious Living on August 2, 2009 at 11:26 am

119_1952In the self help field, if our personal plans, goals and even careers don’t work out as we imagine they should, there is an assumption that some deep, dark ‘unresolved issue’ is at fault – a hidden ‘sabotage pattern’ that is ruining our progress. This seems to be the default logic of many people-on-the-self-help-path.

But, what if that’s not the case? What if there were a healthy reason why the things we plan ( to live ) don’t happen? What if our soul were intervening in our plans and directing us toward something bigger and better?

It’s a common perception – we tend to believe that our life’s direction is centered around our will and hinges upon what we think. We further believe that our current mentality is the very basis for what happens to us in our worldly lives.  If this is true, our lives would be subject to our current perceptions, level of awareness, intelligence, wisdom, etc. And the limitations of those things.

The ‘mind-over-matter’ model that we commonly live by may only be part of the real story. The question is, how much of our lives directed by our thinking… and how much is guided by a higher ‘unseen intelligence’?I.e. The soul.

If there is one motif that characterizes the self help field, it’s the ‘positive use of mind to create the life of your dreams’. So things such as willpower, affirmations, visualizations, creating your reality and overcoming your past ( conditioned thinking ) so you can think up a more healthy way of life, etc are stock in trade.

Therefore, when you boil it all down, the self help field is really about what a healthy mind can do for you. But, do your thoughts, feelings and emotions constitute your whole mind? Are you using your whole mind to create your preferred reality and design the course your life will head in? ( What supreme logic is backing your plans anyway? )

So, the next time your plans don’t work out… the next time you think that a hidden issue is blocking your progress in life, ask yourself the question… what does my soul want? For you may find that your soul, and it’s boundless ways, might have another idea…

( PictureThe Green Star – for self sabotage and disappointment. )

  1. Your right!
    I think the ‘rowing of the boat’ is shared between the all knowing and ourselves. Thank goodness too. How often are we eternally grateful, in hindsight, that something we thought we wanted didn’t go the way we thought we wanted it to, and how that very fact made for a blessing in our favor!

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