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Let Your Environment Do the Talking

In Conscious Living on August 12, 2009 at 9:51 am

This morning a friend of mine and I were talking about her new business venture – a business that is tangibly flourishing despite it’s early days. As we got talking about it I told her about the new ‘grounding essences’ and how they work.

For the most part, we tend to use our will to make things happen in our environment. We use a kind of ‘head first, reality second’ kind of logic – an approach which sometimes works but sometimes doesn’t. Which is how we get caught up in controlling our environment so much and using will-power trying to steer our lives in the directions that we have in mind. This tends to happen because our thinking is in sync with our preferences and what we want… but out of sync with what’s actually going on.

The grounding flowers – the new ‘clear light range’ of essences – teaches us to do the opposite. Rather than adopting a think first mentality, the flowers help us to ground ourselves ( and our thinking ) in our current reality and listen to our environment.

In the case of my friend whose business is taking off a quick pace, she is focussing on the contracts that come to her rather than ‘looking to have something else’. By looking to what your environment is offering… and working with the realities coming to you, growth is steady, stable and organic.

By doing so, systems can be put in place based upon actual need, thereby elimiating the time wasting exercise of planning for things that aren’t even a reality. Apply this ‘environment first, thinking second’ approach and you’ll find that things are a lot easier.

Learn to gear your thinking around ‘what is’ – you’ll eliminate worry and waste-of-energy in your life. That’s what ‘being grounded’ is… being real!

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