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The Question of Why?

In Conscious Living, Flower Essence Faux Pas on August 22, 2009 at 10:23 pm

In flower essence therapy often we get caught up in ‘the issue’ we have. We can become easily mesmerized by ‘what’ is going on that we forget to ask the more pertinent question of ‘why?’

Isn’t it true, when ‘our stuff comes up’ we engage in a wrestling match, fighting against ‘what is going on for us’. While in that battle, we forget to ask why… why we are experiencing the ill feelings in the first place!

The question is ‘why am I feeling this way’ is liberating because it focuses less on the prevailing symptom and more on seeking the cause of the current condition. The question of ‘what is wrong with me?’ simply serves to amplify the suffering you are already experiencing, leading you further into your ‘issue’ with it.

Let’s face it, we already know ‘what’ is wrong with us and ‘what’ we are prone to emotionally. Ask anyone – whether they are sensitive or not – and they can label what is wrong with them and describe what they feel. In fact, it is our over familiarity with ‘our emotional stuff’ that is our real problem – we know it TOO well lol!

Asking why deflects much of our focus from the uncomfortable symptoms ( which in turn, defuses the intensity of our issues ) and seeks to remedy things once and for all!

More later…

( P.s. Apply remedy to the cause… not to the symptom! That’s what the botanical archetypes are all about! Finding the reason why! )


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