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Unveiling The Silver Thorn

In Essence of the Times, News, Puya on August 24, 2009 at 9:56 am

IMG_2000I first came across Puya venusta ( dubbed ‘The Silver Thorn’ ) when I was working at Gardenworld. This silver leaved, star shaped plant caught my eye and was quite rare in cultivation back then. For those who visit the Melbourne Botanic Gardens there is an adult clump you can visit… but careful not to get too close as the plant has sharp spines designed to ward away predators!

The Silver Thorn is the 2nd of the new release flowers belonging to Skyflowers Clear Light range. The 1st release was Puya mirabilis, another of the Puya’s. Puya mirabilis helped when things seemed to be falling apart and unraveling. It helps you to shed your illusions and let go of the junk you have been holding onto. Being the first flower in the new series, Puya mirabilis began the unwinding process…

The Silver Thorn, the next flower in the series deals with the subject of ‘pushing yourself around’ and trying to force your life… and unfoldment. This may not seem to be much of an issue at first glance, but the flower highlights just how much of your life is motivated by pushing – pushing yourself, pushing yourself to study, learn, grow, go, do, act, behave properly and unfold spiritually. The last of these being the most insidious problem of all.

The Silver Thorn addresses the issue of ‘falsifying’ your progress by ‘forcing things into existence’… or namely ‘propping things up’ ( with effort ).

Q. What do you ‘make yourself do’?

Q. What naturally exists in your life? What things exist in your life only by pushing them into place?

The problem may not alarm you at first. And it is really a twofold issue. The first issue is that often we try to force things to happen because our current experience is unsatisfactory to us. We force ourselves to study because we procrastinate, we push ourselves to behave because we hold the image of ourselves as spiritual and therefore, pure.

We push ourselves to do many things. It has been an eye opener to introduce the flower to people and find that ‘pushing’ is the norm. It seems we believe that if we don’t push things to happen, don’t ‘motivate’ ourselves that nothing will happen! But with all of this effort filled pushing to make things happen… well, what happens when you stop pushing?

Answer… you go back to how things were before you began pushing… and make contact with the reason why things don’t naturally happen for you!

With so much of our energy ‘pushing rocks up hill’, the second issue comes to the fore. With so much energy expended on making things work, we forget that in order to ‘make progress’ and ‘get things done’ it is ourselves we are pushing, prodding and poking… whipping!

The Silver Thorn addresses the issue of ‘Soul Anger’ and the fact that we will become angry with ourselves if we simply do not stop pushing ourselves around! Imagine for a moment that someone kept nagging you to do things, constantly pushed you to achieve… eventually, you would get quite angry!

The key to the issue of Soul Anger is that we are angry with ourselves… we aren’t angry with someone else… or upset with life this time. For this time we are at issue with ourselves. Angry, resentful and aggravated because of the constant pushing. The pushing of ourselves and our lives into shape… and the exaustion that often accompanies it.

Q. If you didn’t push so hard, do you feel that your life would go backwards?

Q. How do you ensure progress in your life? What methods do you use to secure success – material or spiritual?

Q. Are you happy with your coaching and leadership?

Q. Are you an angry soul ( and not know it )? Are you the ( silver ) thorn in your own side?


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